GET YOUR TWEET ON #MilitaryMon Style!

Now it’s time to get your TWEET ON and win one for the team!!!   TO: Military mom’s, wives, sisters, nieces, cousins, girlfriends…you!!! FR: Vision-Strike-Wear.Com and Headquarters   Let’s get a military unit the support it needs and give them a morale shirt all for the simple price of FREE!!!   *Now let’s illuminate

Bouhammer.Com #MilitaryMon Shirts Featured in Soldiers Angels Press Release

A week ago I was so happy to announce the new kick-butt twitter bird T-shirt that honors the #militarymon (Military Monday) trend. The shirt is a joint venture between, and and all proceeds go 100% to the Project Valour-IT initiative which is part of   You can check out the Press

New Bouhammer Shirt Honoring #militarymon on Twitter and raising money for Valour-IT

Another new announcement from ( and Vision Strike Wear ( in conjunction with and Vision Strike Wear have developed and has for sale the very first Twitter-themed T-shirt honoring Military Monday, which is designated by the hashtag #militarymon. The front of the shirt has the hashtag #militarymon and the back of it

Vision Strike Wear and Bouhammer offer 10% to any military charity

Through an exclusive arrangement with Bouhammer Afghan & Military Blog (, Vision Strike Wear,, (Designers and Printers of custom military unit apparel) are providing a wonderful promotion to help out military units of any size, both in the US and abroad and the charity of the unit’s choice. Any unit that contacts Vision Strike

It is that time again, Get $400 off a Custom Unit shirt

My buddies over at again have their monthly promotion that is supported by What this promotion does is provide to any unit or group (company, platoon, embedded team, etc.) a chance to design and have made a custom unit shirt for cheaper than it would cost them otherwise. Soldier’s Angels will cover the