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60 Minutes video about famous SF battle

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This video is another 60 minutes clip and talks about one of the few famous battles that Special Forces soldiers fought in. I remember when this battle happened as I was in country at the time and in fact read one of the internal classified after action reports of this battle. The terp that they…

SF Video of the Day

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Here is a good Video for today. It is of Special Forces A-teams in contact. The mini-gun on the Humvee is awesome…what I would have given to have one of those when I was there.

A blog you should read

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The awesome milblog site, Blackfive features entries every once in a while titled “Someone you should know..” They recently put one up about a SF MSG that is near and dear to my heart for 3 reasons. One is that he is SF, which is the lifestyle I was raised in as my Dad was…

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