I Told You So, why doesn’t the President read Bouhammer?

You know if the President and the policy makers that surround him would just read and consult with milblogs like this one, Mudville Gazette, Blackfive, Afghan Quest and many others then we could save him the embarrassment of having us say “I told you so“. When the President announced his new Afghanistan plan on 1 […]

When in Command, COMMAND

“When in Command, COMMAND!” Those were the words of Admiral Nimitz during the battle of Midway in WWII. There are a lot of things going on today with Afghanistan and I need to catch up. But the bottom line is this, last week CJCS ADM Mullen started laying the groundwork because he read the report […]

Take time to do it right rather than do it over

I am glad to see our military leadership do it the right way rather than the way the Presidential Administration does things. The current administration seems to like the approach of talking and making decisions before knowing all the facts (shutting down Gitmo, not keeping terrorists in prison forever, pulling out of Iraq within one […]

Is there a strategy?

http://www.nation.com.pk/pakistan-news-newspaper-daily-english-online/International/08-May-2009/No-time-limit-for-US-strategy-in-Afghanistan “A 94.2 billion dollar war funding bill before the House of Representatives imposes no time limit for the US strategy in Afghanistan…” I have not commented a lot lately on the McKiernan to McChrystal switch out in Afghanistan as I have been doing some research and giving it some thought. I have never met […]