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President uses 5 methods to measure Afghanistan

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According to the Taiwan News Online via the Associated Press and their sources, the President has 5 criteria for measuring GEN McChrystal’s assessment of Afghanistan and any request for additional Troops. The senior White House official, speaking anonymously to detail Obama’s thinking, said the concern about how Afghans, Americans and NATO allies would view a…

Take time to do it right rather than do it over

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I am glad to see our military leadership do it the right way rather than the way the Presidential Administration does things. The current administration seems to like the approach of talking and making decisions before knowing all the facts (shutting down Gitmo, not keeping terrorists in prison forever, pulling out of Iraq within one…

Time for an apology

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I think it is time for the President and the Secretary Clinton to apologize. Not to any foreign country this time, but to our military men and women. I wrote about this incident and how I feel these inflated numbers by Afghan civilians knowing that they will get a pay out led to the firing…

Obama in A-stan (UPDATED)

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I picked this blog story from one of my favorite miblogs to read, Since it is about Afghanistan I think it is worthy to post here. Read for yourself, and make up your own mind. a second email from a different person on Baghram who saw the same thing Rather than write…

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