Thanks to my good friend Matt Gallagher ( I have stumbled across what appears to be the most detailed and accurate account of the planning and execution of the raid that killed the most sought after terrorist in the world.  The story on the New Yorker website by Nicholas Schmidle is extremely details and seems to corroborate a lot

A follow up to the President’s Plan

Yesterday I posted a blog entry about the President’s withdrawal plan from Afghanistan. Around the time I was posting that, apparently GEN Petraeus was testifying in front of the Senate committee which was confirming him as the head of the CIA. ‘ It appears that GEN Petraeus has the same reservations and concerns that ADM Mullen had. Hours later

I Told You So, why doesn’t the President read Bouhammer?

You know if the President and the policy makers that surround him would just read and consult with milblogs like this one, Mudville Gazette, Blackfive, Afghan Quest and many others then we could save him the embarrassment of having us say “I told you so“. When the President announced his new Afghanistan plan on 1