Is NATO that stupid?

I have to wonder what elementary school drop-out is up at NATO running things and making decision? It does not take even a High-school diploma to figure out this is not a good idea or will turn out well. Taliban militants, who have shunned violence, are being provided monthly cash incentive of £100, besides being […]

This is not good for our efforts in Afghanistan

Well it seems that NATO is coming clean on a raid that happened in Gardez back in February. It is not good for NATO and there is no doubt our enemies will use this in their propaganda and media campaign. It is one thing to make a mistake, it is something else to lie and […]

McChrystal’s Afghanistan Authority Grows

It seems that our coalition partners in Afghanistan now see the value and experience of GEN McChrystal. I figure they must since they are allowing their troops to be put under his command. Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top commander in Afghanistan, is being given expanded authority over U.S. and NATO forces in the country, a […]

Nighttime Raid Rules tightened up

I was a little mixed when I first read this article a while back, but after a lot of consideration I think I can agree why they did this. If you balance what our forces achieve while doing these vs. the harm we do to ourselves, I am sure the hard far outweighs the achievements. […]

NATO Investigates Untimely Air Support

I wrote about this incident the other day right HERE. Now either NATO is feeling the heat from the bad press and they are saying they are investigating or they are truly concerned about this. Either way, ETTs have been left out hanging with little to no support long before Gen McChrystal ever came into […]