Other views of the 2012 Milblog Conference

Well I have written my two posts about the 2012 Milblog Conference and posted them at YouServed.com HERE and HERE. Last night I was forwarded this other great write up on Business Insider Military & Defense from Ms. Eloise Lee (who is a very nice lady and spent the day sitting right behind me). You […]

Recap of the Milblog Conference, Friday night

I went to the 2009 Milblog Conference a couple of weeks ago and realized that life was moving so fast that I had not even written my recap of the conference. This was my second milblog conference that I have attended, and the first one in Washington, D.C. (the birthplace of the Milblog Conference four […]

Get to know your favorite milbloggers

Head over to GreatAmericans.com, who were one of the sponsors of the 2009 Milblog Conference. They have a series of videos up that are interviews of several of the milbloggers on the web today, to include me. Yes, you can watch ole’ Bouhammer himself jacked up on Starbucks talk about all sorts of things related […]