Who Determines if the Afghanistan Election was a Success

If you ask the world body, NATO, IEC, or any other myriad of groups if the election in Afghanistan was a success, they would say NO, because of the low percentage of election turn-out (40%) and due to upwards of half-million ballots are being probed out of suspicion of fraud.   Up to 500,000 ballots […]

US Envoy to Afghanistan makes Karzai Cry

Ok, well maybe he didn’t make him cry. I kind of embellished that one a little bit, but hey it got your attention didn’t it? However it appears that Karzai was a little upset that Ambassador Holbrooke questioned Karzai’s tactics in his election and appears to have pushed Karzai on a run-off to validate the […]

PJ Tobia Video of Afghan Election Day Violence

Check out this great video that PJ has put up of some of the violence he witnessed in Kabul on election day (August 20th). I wrote about his actions on that day as he and other reporters were defying a ban by the Afghanistan Government to not report on any violence. You can read that […]