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Ohhh Nevermind

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That is the quote of the day from this B-roll video. Below is a clip of what we in the military call a “self-correcting error”. Afghanistan – B-roll from Apache gunships with the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, TF Pegasus, observing insurgents in the act of emplacing an Improvised Explosive Device in southern Afghanistan. But before…

August 2009 Dead Tangos Video of the Day

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H/T to Greyhawk over at for the lead on this great video of some Tangos trying to plant IEDs and how our boys in the whirly-birds take them out.  

Our Brit Brothers Killing Taliban

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There is no movie made in Hollywood or anywhere else that can accurately replicate what you will see here. This is some really good helmet cam footage of British Infantry soldiers taking the fight to some Taliban and sending them home to 72 Virginians.

Dead Tangos make for another good day

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The following story is from Reuters. Bouhammer Note- Dead Tango stories are always worth repeating and sharing. US-led coalition forces killed 22 militants, including two Taliban commanders, during a series of operations in Afghanistan, the US military said on Tuesday. The raids, which involved air support, took place on Monday in southern and eastern Afghanistan,…

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