Is NATO that stupid?

I have to wonder what elementary school drop-out is up at NATO running things and making decision? It does not take even a High-school diploma to figure out this is not a good idea or will turn out well. Taliban militants, who have shunned violence, are being provided monthly cash incentive of £100, besides being […]

USA and Soldiers Angels step up for British Soldier

I am proud to say that I consider Mary Ann Phillips and Shelle Michaels friends. I really don’t know Michael Yon that well but am friends with many that do and I am a big fan of his writings and his book. The story in the link below is a must-read. Especially if you would […]

An Effective Strategy, by the Taliban

So the other day the Taliban conveniently left out a code of conduct in some houses that our forces raided saying how they need to be more careful not to hurt or kill civilians. Suicide attacks should be used only at high and important targets … Utmost efforts should be made to avoid civilian casualties… […]