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Bloggers Roundtable with MG David Hogg

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Back on February 18th, I was involved on a great Blogger’s Roundtable with MG David Hogg who participated from Afghanistan. There were many bloggers/journalists on the call and all of them asked great questions. I focused my question on the accountability in the Afghan National Security Forces and the presence or lack of presence of…

Bloggers Roundtable with COL John Agoglia

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Yesterday I, along with several other notable milbloggers and journalists participated in a Blogger’s Roundtable with COL John Agoglia. COL Agoglia is the Director of the Counterinsurgency Training Center located in Kabul, Afghanistan. There were some very good questions and answers traded back and forth during this call. Everything from what makes a good COIN…

Bloggers Roundtable with COL James Harris

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The other day I was on the first Blogger’s Roundtable with Afghanistan in a long time. Actually the first time since before the 27th BCT left country in December, 2008. The 33rd BCT from IL has not done a good job in the Public Affairs and Media arena. We talked with COL James Harris (Click…

Bloggers Roundtable with LTC Richard Hall

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This morning I was on another blogger’s roundtable session with the Commander of 2/7 Marines, LTC Richard Hall. LTC Hall and the 2/7 Marines are an entire Battalion dedicated to training, mentoring and leading the Afghan National Police in the southern sector of Afghanistan. You can listen to the roundtable at;

Get it from the Source

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Check out and click on the link to listen live this morning at 9:30 AM EST. The featured guest on the bloggers roundtable will be Colonel Thomas J. McGrath, Commander, Afghanistan Regional Security Command-South. This area is the hottest one in Afghanistan as far as enemy contact. It should be an interesting show.

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