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In the Top 10

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I am very happy to say how proud and honored I am to have announced as one of Matt Burden’s Top 10 blogs he reads. In case you don’t know who Matt is, he is the founder of the largest milblog on the web, Matt is a regular guest on Fox News, in…

One you want to read

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My buds over at posted a great blog entry that you really will want to read. It is from an Oregon NG officer serving as an ETT. Take some time, and read the entire article all the way to the end. Check it out at


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This is an awesome story. If you only have time to read one blog today, don’t read mine anymore beyond this one post. Instead, go immediately to and read it RIGHT NOW.

WTF were they thinking?

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You have to head over to blackfive at and read this blog post. I heard about the helicopters, but to also be shipping an uparmored HUMVEE without escort is downright criminal also. This is just as big a screw up as when the Air Force shipped nukes across the USA by accident. There is…

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