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Bouhammer’s take on the Marine Video

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Anyone that has watched any news this morning or been reading it online probably knows about the video that appears to show US Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters. I say “appears” because well these guys are INNOCENT until proven guilty. All too often the same people who many in this county feel sorry for…

3rd Interview with BBC, World Have Your Say

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For those that could not listen to the BBC’s World Have Your Say Radio program today, here is the link to the entire one hour show. A major part of the 2nd half-hour was taken up by the President’s speech announcing that he had fired GEN McChrystal.

BBC Radio Interview Link

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In the posting below I mentioned being on BBC’s NewsHour Program. The link to listen to that show is The part of the program where I come on starts at the 45 min, 20 second mark.

Can You Have A Moral Army?

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Yesterday I was contacted by my friends at the BBC again, asking me to be a guest on their show, World Have You Say. Madeline Morris was the host, and in addition to myself as a guest there was a ex-British Army Conscientious Objector, a General from the Nigerian Army, a retired General from the…

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