Marine unit leading the fight …and they need to be. 2/7 Marines under the Command of LTC Hall did a great job kicking ass and taking names, along with the 24th MEU. 3/8 Marines need to keep up the fight and never let up. The 2/7 to 3/8 handover happened in November and quite honestly I think that is […]

Blogger’s Roundtable with COL McGrath #3

This afternoon I participated in another DOD sponsored Bloggers Roundtable sessions with COL McGrath, who is the Commander of ARSIC-South. ARSIC South has lost a lot of coalition (US and non US) soldiers/marines in the last nine days. In addition, they have had the now-famous Kandahar prison break happen and the temporary siege of the […]

A good story

You should head over to the ARSIC South blog site and check out this entry, . It looks like this was reprinted from a reporter’s story, but what makes me want to spread the word about this is the fact that he captures exactly what I tell a lot of people about how the […]

May 31 ARSIC South Newsletter

Wanna see the latest happenings in ARSIC South? ARSIC-South is the 205th Corps Area of Operation in southern Afghanistan. This includes Helmend, Khandahar, Zabul, Uruzgan, Zabul, and Nimroz provinces to name a few. You can download or view the latest newsletter from that area by going to