Green on Blue equals RED, Part II

This is Part II of a two-part series. Part one can be read at As the Sr. NCO on my team I always told my team to NEVER trust anyone that is not 100% American, even our terps. Even though we trusted them more than anyone else (we had to as our lives counted on […]

Green on Blue equals RED

I remember when I wrote about Green on Blue attacks over the last few years and they were like anomalies that were devastating, but rare.  I can’t write about them like that anymore because they are just happening too damned often. We are losing our warfighters to the hands of our “friends” weekly, and that is unacceptable. This is […]

Our troops are surrounded

The fight in Afghanistan is referred to as an asymmetric battlefield or a 360 degree battlefield. This is because it is not the standard linear type of fight we have faced in the past in many wars like WWI, WWII, Korea and many other wars of past. The 360 degree battlefield means that there is no real […]

40 Taliban killed? I am not so sure

About 40 Taliban militants were killed and 14 injured when militants launched a cross-border attack against police checkposts in Afghanistan’s eastern Paktika province Saturday, a provincial government spokesman said. That sounds like great news but the fact that this information is from the Afghans makes it highly suspect, especially with Afghan police in the Gomal […]

How tight can the Shoulders stay together?

Afghan intelligence officials arrested 16 people after an apparent mass suicide bombing attack was foiled in Kabul, Sky News reported Tuesday. Some 11 suicide bombing vests were also seized from inside Afghanistan’s defense ministry, according to security officials, cited by news website Khaama Press. A number of the suspects were members of the Afghan National […]