If you are a owner or manager of a website, blog, or some type of internet presence and you would like to link to bouhammer.com I have created some graphics and code for you to place on your site to link back to here.

Black Background Ad


<a href=”http://bouhammer.com” target=”_”><IMG SRC=”http://bouhammer.com/images/bouhammer2sm.jpg” ALT=”Bouhammer.com” width=”198″ height=”159″ ></a>

White Background Ad


<a href=”http://bouhammer.com” target=”_”><IMG SRC=”http://bouhammer.com/images/bouhammer1.jpg” ALT=”Bouhammer.com” width=”181″ height=”166″ ></a>

Circle Ad

<a href=”http://bouhammer.com” target=”_”><IMG SRC=”http://bouhammer.com/images/circle_eagle.jpg” ALT=”Bouhammer.com” width=”197″ height=”186″ ></a>

Link only ad:


<a href=”http://bouhammer.com” target=”_”>Click HERE for Bouhammer.com</a>


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