If you are a owner or manager of a website, blog, or some type of internet presence and you would like to link to bouhammer.com I have created some graphics and code for you to place on your site to link back to here.

Black Background Ad


<a href=”http://bouhammer.com” target=”_”><IMG SRC=”http://bouhammer.com/images/bouhammer2sm.jpg” ALT=”Bouhammer.com” width=”198″ height=”159″ ></a>

White Background Ad


<a href=”http://bouhammer.com” target=”_”><IMG SRC=”http://bouhammer.com/images/bouhammer1.jpg” ALT=”Bouhammer.com” width=”181″ height=”166″ ></a>

Circle Ad

<a href=”http://bouhammer.com” target=”_”><IMG SRC=”http://bouhammer.com/images/circle_eagle.jpg” ALT=”Bouhammer.com” width=”197″ height=”186″ ></a>

Link only ad:


<a href=”http://bouhammer.com” target=”_”>Click HERE for Bouhammer.com</a>


Click Get This Widget below to get the code to embed this on your site

6 thoughts on “Bouhammer Links”

  1. NIce blog, if you would like I could link to it and try to send some traffic your way. I found you on the Gunny Ranking site, I’m a vet and so are most of my friends, if I can help let me know. Take care over there. If you need anything we can help with, send it.

    1. Bernie,

      Thank you. I would be honored to have you link to my site. There is a page (Links to this blog) on my blog that has link html code and examples of those links if you want to grab one of those.

  2. Hi,
    I added you to my sidebar. The code didn’t work correctly, so I got it on there a different way. It’ll go up and down on the sidebar. I mix things up so that once a week, each of my milwidgets goes above the fold.

  3. Greetings First Segeant, I was wondering if you did link exchanges on your blog or just linking to yourself. I have a political forum I’m trying to network out to the world and I’ve been trying to make connections as of recent to aid us. We focus on free speech and less moderation (easier said than done!). Both myself and y co-admin are military, none army however, USAF and Marine Corps. Please let me know what you think of this. – V/r – Cal Sullivan

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