Your Monday Morning WTF Post!

Trump is blaming Obama for police shootings. But seven years ago Republicans halted a federal study that sought to detect potential radicalization by veterans.   Classy (NOT) piece by uber-left online trash mag politico blaming the shootings in LA and TX on “returning veterans” and the GOP. As the right-wing outrage machine would have it, […]


Bergdahl interview analysis

Here is the scenario…. Mom: How did my favorite lamp get broken? What did you and your friend do? Kid: Mom, mom, here is what happened. Me and Jimmy were playing the xBox and then I noticed kitty was starting to get sick. Since you asked me to keep an eye on kitty I was […]


A Rock and a Hard Place

I have written about Bacha Bazi several times on this blog over the last 9 years. You can check out http://bouhammer.com/?s=Bacha+Bazi or see some of the past posts like http://bouhammer.com/2010/01/and-you-thought-i-was-lying-about-man-love-thursdays/ , http://bouhammer.com/2009/05/can-you-look-at-my-wife/ , or http://bouhammer.com/2006/07/their-thursday-night-is-our-saturday-night/ to see how long I have written about the rampant homosexuality and pedophilia that goes on in not only this, but other muslim countries. […]