Bring back the War Department

Will someone let me know when war is easy and uncomplicated? I have tried to write about the complexities, the milli-second decision making, the wide gray area between right and wrong when it comes to war. In fact I just wrote about it some the other day. You can watch war movies all day, and […]


The US Army did the right thing

Who knows if it was Rep. Hunter (who is two for two on helping out soldiers being railroaded), the media pressure and publicity, or if there are truly leaders in the right places that care more about doing the hard right rather than the easy (politically correct) wrong. Either way, great news came out tonight […]


Refreshing and encouraging

It is refreshing and encouraging to see a military leader put some of the civilian leadership in check and do the hard right (putting his career on the line with this administration) vs. the easy wrong (let the OPSEC violations continue to go unchecked). Gen. Joseph Votel, the chief of U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) […]