22 Veterans a Day

22 VETERANS A DAY The number “22” is quickly becoming an iconic number. Especially among those of us whom have served during this time of war for our nation. The number 22 has come to remind me of the devastating loss of possibly the best human beings I have ever had the ability to even […]

Patrol through Malajat

Why a veteran is a great person to hire

I have talked about this many times on this blog, other blogs and my radio shows. In fact I can be a testament myself as to the effects of military service and how the life-skills it builds can benefit a company. Recently one of my sons turned me onto this blog from postgradproblems.com and why […]

Happy Veteran’s Day

I wrote this the the other day for a Veteran’s Day tribute on VeteransUnited.com. I would like to share it here too. There is a difference between wanting to go to war and willing to go to war. Veterans Day is all about recognizing and thanking those who were “willing” to do the tough job […]

Veteran’s Day activities across the country

VeteransOwnedBusiness.com has put together a great list of Veteran Day events across the country for this weekend. Rather that re-type it all here I figured it would be easier if I just pasted the link for you to check it out and see if there is something happening where you live. http://www.veteranownedbusiness.com/blog/2012-veterans-day-events-by-state/