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Stew and The Nunn Radio coming!

A new online show will be hitting the online airwaves on August 11th, 2015, and then airing every Tuesday night after that starting at 8PM EST. It will be broadcasted live on Blog Talk Radio at This is a show that will focus on Security, Policy, Politics and Selfless Service. It will last 90 […]

Top Talk discusses Military Sexual Assault tonight

Top Talk Radio ( has taken off like crazy since its launch on January 16th, 2013. The guests we have had on the show have been fabulous, and tonight’s show is no different. April is Sexual Assault Awareness month (┬áso CJ and I are dedicating tonight’s show to the topic of Military Sexual Trauma. Sexual […]

Top Talk launches Jan 16th, 2013

I am proud to announce the launch of “Top Talk” on Jan 16th from 8:30-10PM ET. Top Talk is hosted and produced by CJ and myself and will be a show focused on military related affairs, the Constitution, and Patriotism. It will be hosted on BTR and will occur every week on Wednesday nights at […]

A show you should check out, VPR

Several weeks ago I was contacted by Mr. Michael Gold. Michael is the creator, producer and host of a Blog Talk Radio show called Victory Partners Radio (VPR). Mr. Gold asked me to listen to his show and give him feedback on it, and told me that his show would be different from the You […]