The items listed below are for sale via this blog. has partnered with Vision Strike Wear (VSW) to host the Bouhammer Gear Store.

The are many items below (T-shirts, Hoodies, Decals, etc.) that all have and VSW original designs.

I hope you join me in supporting this site and showing off some great designs by purchasing something from the Bouhammer Gear Store collection, show it with pride and know that you are Milblog supporter.

To see more info or to order an item click the name of the item below the design you like.

Apparel  Decal  Poster

Apparel  Decal  Poster

Apparel  Decal   Poster

Apparel   Decal   Poster

Apparel  Decal   Poster

5 thoughts on “Bouhammer Gear Store”

  1. These t-shirts are FABULOUS. The designs are so American and there is not a damn wrong with that.

  2. The store is great, but the skulls, though awesome, scare people at work on the shirts, and hubby’s challenge coin isn’t listed. I may consider a polo shirt when finances allow. Those are nice!

    Consider an Army Spouse Challenge Coin, I missed it if it’s there. Most of the stuff is geared towards guys. They’re fighting, we’re buying

    The layout is a little confusing. I had to search and search for a lot of things. How about magnets instead of vinyl stickers, stickers fade in the Southwest.

  3. Awesome products!

    Hey, I see 82nd and 101st but the rock star of Airborne, the elitist group of Airborne is MIA. 173rd Airborne should be up there man! We lost 43 guys during OEF VIII, My Son SFC Matthew (SGT SKI) Blaskowski was one of them. Anyway, please consider adding thier stuff to this site and I am sure you can sell lots!


    1. Army Mom,

      Good point and thank you. I have passed on your note to the guys at Vision Strike Wear. They are going to try and turn this around real quick. Again thank you very much for not only the feedback but for you making the sacrifice you did by giving our country your son’s life.

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