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  1. https://www.torufix.ee/3z52idh The fact that the religion of Islam employs the Quran as it’s primary teaching tool, and the fact that it consistently and specifically advocates the eradication of non-Muslims, is a powerful advocacy that non-Muslims would be wise to avoid issuing a pass on.

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    It is my strong belief that the Christian world has a very difficult time in comprehending the severity of the Islamic siren.


    I have recently finished a very good book that deals with our first responder strike team that was sent to Afghanistan a few short weeks following 911 – It, along with a great deal of other literature and blogs I have investigated, gives a powerfully base of for understanding the conflict there, who the Afghanistan people are, what they are up against, what we are up against, and ultimately who we are.

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    I think a huge problem with the current generations that are living in America is a failure to understand “terror”, origins, motivations, goals, and its advocates.


    Tramadol Online Pets The advocates of Islam are telling us very specific things.
    The onus is on the Muslim nation to police its advocates and terrorist appendages.


    http://gerbangkaltim.com/2020/03/24/1dz8cksber Just because we do not wish to believe what they are saying, does not make what they are saying less true.

  2. https://southglosfoodfest.co.uk/ve47e5g IF we, as a nation of “sheeples” insist on being LEAD into the political slaughter so willingly, then WE as a nation of “sheeple” deserve what is handed to us – no matter who the “enemy: is!! And considering that all of the witnesses to the various 9/11 “attacks” are now DEAD, what does that tell you?? Why were the FEMA, CIA, FBI and other agencies only blocks away when the second plane hit the south tower. It all started with our “home grown” traitors/terrorists, here in Washington D.C.!! Look around you – do you not see what did actually happen? Just how did the 1,050 metric tonnes of high-end explosives from Russia get past the port authorities and get planted into the buildings???? Santa Claus?? Pay attention – things will be happening and it won’t be good!!!

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