About Bouhammer


Bouhammer is a 22 year retired Infantry First Sergeant. The Son of a 22 year retired Special Forces Senior Noncommissioned Officer and a Father of a Combat Medic; the military heritage runs deep. Bouhammer also spent two years continuing to serve as a military contractor contributing directly to wars Iraq and Afghanistan.


About John McDonald


Retired Army Sergeant First Class, having served 22 years active service with 2 years as a Drill Sergeant, culminating as “acting 1sg” and Noncommissioned Officer In Charge of Shell Army Airfield Fort Rucker Alabama.


About Rusty Bradley


Retired Major Rusty Bradley is a native of Western North Carolina.  During his 21 years of service,  he was an enlisted, Non-commissioned and Commissioned Officer, serving in, Infantry, Airborne and the U. S. Special Forces units. He deployed 8 times to Afghanistan and is the author of the book “Lions of Kandahar”. Rusty has written for Time magazine, War on the Rocks and Soldier of Fortune. He was medically retired in 2014.


About Old Blue


Old Blue was ready to retire in early 2002, but the events of 9/11 changed those plans and started a waiting game that would last for over five years. Tired of waiting, Blue finally volunteered for a tour and wound up on an ETT team bound for Afghanistan. In his search for information on how to prepare and what to expect in Afghanistan, Blue found Bouhammer’s blog. Blue began a blog of his own and got to know Bouhammer and a host of others in part because of the example he found here. Old Blue retired as a Master Sergeant after over 31 years of service including three tours in Afghanistan spanning 33 months. He has taught at the Counterinsurgency Training Center, Afghanistan, provided training to military and civilian personnel from over thirty countries and continues to provide training and mentoring on operational planning as a civilian contractor.