Its been too long I have had a hard time getting my writing voice back over the last few months. Between having a hard time to come up with topics and just really busy at work and spending time on the online show and family life, I have just been away too long. This morning I was contacted by good friend David Bellavia to call into his Sunday radio talk show, Hard Line. He wanted me on to talk about Afghanistan and the upcoming new foreign policy that the White House is rumored to release in the next few weeks. So before I walked into Church, I called in and spent 10 minutes talking to Dave on After getting off the air, I realized I had not talked about Afghanistan in a while, and especially haven’t wrote about it. To be honest, I could not remember the last time I wrote on here. I knew it has been too long as time just flies by, but I was shocked to see the last thing I posted was for Veteran’s Day 2018. So I want get back on this wagon and start writing again, so what better than to cover some of the topic that I talked about today; the upcoming new foreign policy for Afghanistan. This is a war that has been going on since a month after the attacks of 9/11/01. A war that our country is truly worn out about, if they even know it is still going on. I would be surprised if as much as 50% of our country even knew we still had forces there. I have no idea what the White House and DOD will be coming out with, but if there is any thought of peace talks or compromise with the Taliban reps, then it will surely fail. It may look successful in the short term if it a deal were reached, but the Taliban doesn’t represent the Government of Afghanistan nor does it speak for all the different tribes. We can negotiate peace with a country’s representatives when they can speak on behalf of that country, however the Taliban is not a nation-state so if we even have a deal with them it doesn’t mean they are not going to turn around and continue to terrorize the duly-elected government of the country.

If the new policy is going to be for us to stay “until the job is done”, then that will be the worse thing that can be done. Without an end-game for absolute success, then we are just sending our sons and daughters over there to be cannon (IED) fodder. If the policy is to do an immediate pullout without a transition plan that involves the Afghan people stepping up to own their problem and their country, that will create a vacuum with high probability for the country to fall back into the same mode they were in after the Russians pulled out.

I think there is an answer and I have been talking about it since 2007. I will cover it in more detail in the next post.

Its good to be back…

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  1. “if there is any thought of peace talks or compromise with the Taliban reps, then it will surely fail. ” evidenced by a car bombing at Bagram yesterday.

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