The lessons on Memorial Day

A year ago I wrote a two-part series about Memorial Day. Lately the theme or message of this post have started to get popular in other military social media posts. I could not write the post any better than I did last year so I am not going to try. I covered so much content in the piece from last year that I had to break it up into two parts so that it would not be so long that people would not read it in one sitting.

Tramadol Sales Cheap I have my friends and old soldier friends that still get upset when people honor this day improperly, but I wish they wouldn’t. I have heard from a number of them this week talking about it. I ask that if you haven’t read the posts from last year or if you did and forget about them, to please go back and read them again. The bottom line is you celebrate, or honor, or memorialize the day however you want. Many won’t even give the day any more thought that the “start of summer”, and extra day off or a great day for sales. Others won’t even know why we have this day. The sheep are that way because of the ones that have laid down their lives. There is a famous line from The Matrix, “Ignorance of Bliss” and for most Americans it is. Because of the lives laid down and the sacrifices made on their behalf these people get to be ignorant to the sacrifices made. To the percentage that does know what the day is about, they can also honor this day as they best see fit. That is what the beauty of the Freedom of America is all about. Part 1- Part 2-

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