Even the Left is benefitting from the Right

Well it looks like Apple, which is a darling of the left is now providing extra benefits in the way of $2500 bonuses…

Bloomberg today reports that Apple will be giving most of its global employees an extra bonus as the company plans on repatriating almost $250B of its overseas cash after new US tax laws were passed.

…and I would bet that less than 2% of the employees of that company voted for President Trump or are even registered Republicans. In fact its not just the existing employees that are benefiting but it looks like there will be new jobs for many others due to the President’s Tax plan.

According to unnamed sources, Apple made the announcement today to employees that it would issue $2,500 worth off restricted stock units (RSU’s) following the new tax laws.

This news comes as Apple also made major announcements about plans to invest $350B in the US economy over the next five years, create 20,000+ jobs, build a new campus, and more. Tim Cook made surprise visit the company’s Reno data center for the groundbreaking of a new facility.

I wonder how many of those who voted or tweeted against it are going to step up and admit publicly they were wrong. I wonder if Pelosi or Schumer are going to run back to the microphones to sing the plan’s praises? Lets just say I am not going to hold my breath for that.


Report: Apple shares $2500 bonuses with employees following US tax changes



1 thought on “Even the Left is benefitting from the Right”

  1. I cannot understand why there is the level of acrimony seen everywhere about this President. Like a lot of people, I actively dislike Obama, but this is a new level. What is the reason, what prompted this vitriolic desire to actually harm the man.?

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