What is he going to say?

Well it appears that President Trump has decided on a strategy he wants our military to take in regards to Afghanistan. With this track record so far of letting the military make battlefield tactical decision, he has shown that he has more trust in the military decision making process than our last few Presidents. Considering that he has not taken their first or second recommendations and made them go back and try over and over again, also shows that he knows how to push them to get them to strategize outside of their comfort zone (and outside of the box).

So Monday Aug 21st, after the solar eclipse strafes our country, he will be having a big prime-time speech with what the plan is going forward. Personally I am very interested to see what it is, but am not too hopeful. The way I see it, there are only three possible approaches:

  1. Plan a withdrawal and tell the Afghan government its time to sink or swim for their people on their own.
  2. Dedicate and Commit a large, overwhelming force and take the gloves off on the enemy. Find, Fix, Kill.
  3. Continue some flavor of what we have been doing and keep half-stepping without allowing the military to do what it is meant to do and instead keeping them under-sourced and with both hands tied behind their backs.

Those are meant to be high-level options and I realize there are a lot more, refined actual options possible that could fall under one of those three. If there is anything else outside of those options, then I can’t really think of it and I am eager to see what innovative idea our military leaders have. Either way, unlike all the agenda-pushing attacks and accusations that continually fly at our President, this prime-time speech could be one of the most decisive and Presidential decisions our Presidents has made in the last 7 months.

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  1. The U.S. Military has new people now intermingling at the highest level of government. Perhaps they can make a difference.
    However, our, just prior, experience in Afghanistan revealed a shocking level of military incompetence at a leadership level. One thing that should be easily done is to restrict the European allies role to non-combatant status, except for elite units.
    At the core of the problem is military incompetence and the imposition of unrealistic and self-defeating “rules of engagement.
    Good luck, I hope for the best.

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