How can you be not-guilty if you confess?

So little Reality Winner (you have to admit that is an interesting name in her current situation) was a Trump hating, ultra-liberal, false-narrative believing angry little girl. That is fine as I know not everyone who works for the GOVT supports or believes in whomever is in the White House (trust me most of the military hated Clinton and Obama). Her mistake was having a job where she had access to sensitive data before her cerebral cortex was fully developed. At least that is what I am thinking had to be the issue because if she was trying to be sneaky and not get caught, then she is stupid. She might as well have had a neon sign in front of her house saying “NSA leaker lives here”.

Anyway, what I am really confused about is that based on reports she confessed to the FBI agents that she leaked the documents to The Intercept online news site. So, how can she plead non-guilty when arraigned? She has confessed to doing it and she knows that she is caught.

Why doesn’t she save the time and tax-dollars and just admit her guilt and move on. I mean she is obviously pretty stupid and lacking common sense.

On Thursday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Solari revealed in an Atlanta, Georgia court that Winner told her sister via a jailhouse phone: “I’m going to play that card being pretty, white and cute, braid my hair and cry and all.”

Did she think a jailhouse phone call was not going to be monitored? Poor thing, because now she has tipped her hand on playing the “pretty, white and cute” card and not sure crying is going to help her at all. I mean being young, cute and white will be popular in prison, but not sure that is going to help her in the courtroom now. But then again Rosie O’ Donnell seems to like what she sees.

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