Brutal honesty

I saw this video for the first time this morning on a friend’s feed and it immediately took me back. I mean it really took me back to many things. Not only Afghanistan but also Iraq in Desert Storm. It also took me back to what it was like in the milblog space back in the 2000s. Back when America had a great source or real, raw and unfiltered news from the War on Terror.

There are many in the milblog world who have lost their “voice” in blogging and no longer write. Heck even I don’t write as much as I used to or would like to, so I get it. How do I stay relevant? How do I write things that are not just re-hashing the same old stories over and over? Do people even care to read anymore? But watching this video takes me back to the days when voices from people like Matty B, JP, Colby B, Cory and many, many others were all doing their part to educate America and being the ground truth to screen around the world.

This video not only reminded me of my experiences but also of my soldiers, my Bastards of B Co. who walked through this same hell in 2004 and then again for many in 2008 in Afghanistan.

**Warning** This is a powerful collection of images and video set to great music, but it is also graphic. There is no sugar-coating or blurring of images in this, so you will see (if even for a second) some of what our sons and daughters have seen and experienced first-hand. For some they still see this every night and all the time as the demons are still there. It takes time, and it takes the right person or event but eventually those demons will go away. #22aday

My Nightmare (Iraq 2004) from Octavio Veliz on Vimeo.

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