Escape from D.C.

This is the last of a five-part series on my experiences and observations of the 58th Inauguration for President of the United States.

The first four posts were: Good intent gone very wrong, Excitement in the Air, A quiet calm before the storm and From a Sea of Red to Oceans of Pink

After barely being able to make it across the city from 7th Avenue to Connecticut Ave. due to the people-saturated sidewalks and streets and the overloaded Metro underground I knew it was time to leave the city. We spent a little bit of time seeing some sights in the city, and wanted to see more but it was obvious we had worn out our welcome and it was time to get out while we could. We did want to grab some dinner at one of a couple of favorite family places, but every restaurant we saw had lines of people pouring out of them waiting to get in.

All of these idiots yelling, screaming and running around with their picture of women’s genitals had pushed my patience to the edge. Not being able to find some place to have dinner and then having to fight through all of these people being forced to walk back because the metro was not an option. Neither was Uber or a cab, so hoofing it back was all we had. It was during this walk back that my wife looked at me and said “these girls who are not even old enough to know what it is like to work in a bias world.” This has me laughing as we continue to fight our way through the crowds, and also made me pay attention to and notice that she was right about what looked to be the largest representation in these crowds.

After grabbing out bags we talked to the doorman and let him know we needed to get all the way back to BWI (Baltimore) airport. Either due to the time of the day or because of the extra 500K people in the city for the protest the Uber’s had surcharge added over that was over $120 extra than a normal fare. I wanted to get out of the city, but I was not going to may almost $200 to do it. After explaining our situation to the doorman, he said he had a friend that drove a SUV Black Car service. He called his friend and he told the driver they had to give us ride to BWI for less than $100 and I would tip them good. That was still a lot of money, but seeing all of these people continue to take over the streets and with everything else that has happened I got to a point where I didn’t care.

So his friend pulled up in a nice, brand-new black Suburban. The driver grabbed our bags and we all slipped into the quiet and very clean SUV. It was a true sedan service with all the amenities and after a few minutes seeing the traffic he had to get through not only in the city but also on I-285, I was very happy that I paid what I did because the ride was peaceful and quiet after what we had spent a day dealing with, peaceful was needed at this point.

A normal 45-50 drive from downtown DC to Baltimore airport took over 90 minutes, some of which we all slept through. It truly felt like we escaped a horde of crazy vagina-obssessed zombies taking over a city. The only thing we were missing was guns and swords, but It was probably good we didn’t have any of those.

After getting to the airport we could finally relax, and more importantly have some dinner. This was a great opportunity to reflect on the last few days and all the great moments and crazy moments that we experienced. Even with the insanity of vulgar-hate filled day of Saturday, it was still an experience  none of us would ever trade. It is going to be a historic moment that we were all happy to be part of.

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