Granite is stronger than glass

The title of this post is common sense and a known fact, but may not be self-explanatory in the way you think. This is a post I have been thinking about for a while and wanting to write for the last couple of weeks.

Two months ago we saw a monumental and historic election happen. It was historic because it could have been the very first, first-lady elected President. It was also historic because a woman could have become the President of the United States for the first time ever. I agree that yes, a woman becoming President, could have broken this notional “glass-ceiling” that many like to talk about. I call it notional because it alludes to a plot or idea that women are being held down because of their gender and not because they don’t qualify. Up until the 19th Amendment there was a ceiling, because women were absolutely denied the right to vote because of their gender. However just because a woman hasn’t become President does not mean there is some secret pact among all the men in the nation to keep them out of the job.

Regardless, everyone knows that a a wall of granite is much harder to break than a ceiling of glass. So much harder that I am not even sure if there is a comparison. With that in mind, if you consider what has happened with this election then I would argue what Donald Trump has accomplished is much more meaningful than what Hillary Clinton tried to do.

When was the last time you have seen a President get elected who was not a professional politician? Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 to be exact. Now he was a very famous wartime General so some could argue he was part of the Government but he was never a professional politician. To find a true “Outside the Government” President, you have to go back to the very first one, George Washington. Yes it has been that long since we have had a President that was NOT a professional politician.

So when I saw images of little girls crying to their mommy because Hillary couldn’t win so the little girls think they can never be President, I see this as liberal-spun, heartstring-pulling crap.

A girl looks at the elections results dumbfounded as she is hugged by her mom at the DFL Election Night Party at the Hilton Minneapolis on Tuesday, Nov. 8 2016. (Pioneer Press: John Autey).

Parents have always been willing to tell their kids who are dreaming of the future that maybe they can “grow up and be President one day”. However when you think about it and looking at history, it appears that would never be possible. Not unless the child grows up, goes to college, gets a degree in a field that is related to politics (e.g. political science, law, etc.) spends time as intern for a member of Congress or somehow gets their foot into the political space, plays every card perfectly, and then maybe be a Governor or Member of Congress could they stand even a remote chance at becoming President of the United States.

But if you look at what Donald Trump did, then you see it is actually possible for any little Johnny, Julia, Jamal or Jawed to have a chance at becoming President one day. He broke through the granite walls of the beltway, smashing his way into the most powerful job in the world. This is something that has never really been done; because to be honest there was no concept of the beltway when George Washington was elected because he was the first.

This election should be looked at by every parent, future parent, and even every kid in the world today as an inspiration. An inspiration because it has proven that there is a chance for someone to get elected to be President and not spend a lifetime in politics before-hand. Granted that the person has to have the right demeanor, can relate to the people, and the people have to be looking for someone outside of the beltway, but now we know it can happen.

Maybe it was the perfect storm, best case scenario, or worst nightmare. However you view Donald Trump winning the election and how he did it, the reality is that the he did do it and he did it from completely outside of politics. This should be an inspiration to everyone, young and old alike, that if you want do something in life, anything is truly possible.

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