Good intent gone very wrong

This is the fourth of a five-part series on my experiences and observations of the 58th Inauguration for President of the United States.

The other posts will be: Escape from D.C.

The first two posts were: Excitement in the Air, A quiet calm before the storm and From a Sea of Red to Oceans of Pink

As we walked the streets Saturday morning to breakfast and then to run a few errands, the small groups of Women’s March participants were kind, courteous and just exercising their right to peacefully protest.

There is no doubt that that intent of the march was good in nature and I am very sure¬†that many who were in the approximately 500K marching were there to truly advance the issue of equal rights, equal pay and whatever other woman’s issue they were there to advance. ¬†However, as many who have seen in the news; thanks to Madonna, Ashley Judd, Black Lives Matter, and a lot of other angry, hate-instigating people, those with good intentions were drowned out.

From what I have seen in the news, the marches that happened in other cities were largely peaceful and probably happened like they were intended to. The one in Washington DC wasn’t much of a peaceful protect though. Granted they didn’t have the violence like we saw in isolated spots on Inauguration day, but it still was far from peaceful.

What surprised me was how free the marchers were to be as vulgar as possible. Many of these people, hell I would say all of them, probably complained about the leaked audio tapes from 12 years ago where President Trump spoke vulgarities to TV show host. Amazing that all these people could be upset by him saying the word “pussy”, when it seemed that once the march really heated up, you could not walk anywhere or look anywhere and not see a sign with that word on it or hear it being yelled out.

I saw more hand drawn pictures of vagina’s, uteruses and labia than a high school health course. I am not sure why many of these people thought the public needed lessons in biology. It just really demeaned the purpose of the march in my opinion.

It seems the women, and men, who took part really had an opportunity to make their voices known and be heard for a positive result. But they lost that opportunity when they marched all over the city, blocked traffic and even blocked ambulances trying to get somewhere with emergency signals on, impeded other people, and then just screamed vulgarities with no regard for children or other people. Seeing kids with the pink pussy hats on, or wearing signs that said “keep you tiny hands out of my mom” also really take away from what I think the march was supposed to be about.

it became very clear that this was not a march about women’s rights, but rather was nothing more than an Anti-Trump march. At least in Washington D.C. it was that way, so not sure about any other city.


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