What’s the problem?

So a presentation on insider threats that was used for 18 months has now been pulled from the training that is done for soldiers. It was effective, it was honest and I am sure the students over the last 18 months learned something from it.

A PowerPoint training slide listing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and retired Gen. David Petraeus among “insiders” who threatened national security was in use for 18 months at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, before Army officials pulled it out of circulation.

I wonder if it only had Gen. Petraeus and didn’t have Hillary on it, if it would have been left alone? Probably so, but I am sure some of the leaders in TRADOC are concerned about their careers in case the insider threat known simply as “Clinton” becomes President.

But does becoming President mean she is no longer a threat?

Read the whole story at https://www.armytimes.com/articles/army-pulls-training-slide-listing-clinton-petraeus-as-examples-of-insider-threats


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