Tourists hurt in Afghanistan! Wait, WHAT?

A rocket hit a van carrying American tourists and others in western Afghanistan on Thursday, according to local officials. Six people were hurt in the attack.

When I first saw the headline, I really thought it was a story from the Duffel Blog, but then I went to read it and realized it was real. Does this mean we have won in Afghanistan? I mean if the tourism industry is cranking back up, isn’t that a good sign of prosperity, safety and a return to all things good?

If not, then why the hell were tourists there? Did they not get the memo, or do they have a really bad travel agent?

I am just torn to think decide if “We are done there” or “These people are idiots and get what they deserve”. I would like to think it is the former but I am not that optimistic that is the case.

Well maybe they are “tourists” from the area or other really war-torn third-world cell pools who look at Afghanistan as a step up from there they live and not really “Americans” per se..

Five tourists and the van’s driver were injured when the suspected Taliban militants targeted the vehicle carrying visitors from Germany, Britain and the United States, said Jailani Farhard, a spokesman for the governor of Herat province.

…or maybe not. Maybe they are idiots who got what they deserve or could it be that my buddy Mike T (who guests blogs on this site) help make that place safer than the rest of the country.

Now if they can make a SeaWorld in that God-Forsaken land-locked piece of crap desert, that would truly be impressive. I would imagine they could also put as many killer whales as the want there and not ever have to worry about PETA or Greenpeace showing up to protest.

To be clear (and not sarcastic), they were going to see two big holes in the side of a mountain that used to hold very old statues before the Taliban destroyed them. Yeah that is right, they weren’t going to see the statues, just the place there USED to be statues. Now the whole story really makes less sense than when I started reading it.

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