Range 15 is coming

I know the debates, primaries and everything else have been clogging the airwaves, so you may have missed it, but Range 15 is coming (hopefully to a theater near you). The 4th largest indiegogo crowd-sourced movie ever created by veterans, for veterans and filled with veterans humor is going to premiere at the GI Film Festival in a few weeks, but then open nationwide at hundreds of theaters.

Since there is no major production or distribution company (because there aren’t any owned by veterans), this movie is being distributed by tugg.com. What this means is every theater across the country that has agreed to host and show the movie must sell at least 73 tickets per location in order for them to reserve the spot and show the movie. People need to pre-buy their tickets and once they do and the 73 ticket threshold is achieved, then the movie will show starting on June 15th. However if it doesn’t than the ticket buyers will receive a complete refund.

So please check out https://www.tugg.com/titles/range-15 and look for a theater in a area near you. If you have friends, family or former military buddies near a town the movie is showing in, be sure and share the link with them too.

Oh and be sure they watch this Red-band* trailer so they know what is coming….like Zombies


*Not safe for work, the easily offended, those who need safe spaces, or your grandmother (unless it is Betty White).

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