Just In case you forgot

Sometimes a person’s memory gets clouded and it is human nature to forget the bad things in our past. We can’t help it, as we are wired that way. When thinking about things that happened in our past that have both good and bad moments, the good things are always what we remember first and what we dwell on.

So in today’s world of safe spaces, political correctness, the fear of lawsuits and offending anyone, political talking points and not wanting to “profile” anyone I thought it would be a good time to show you why we have lived in the world we do for the last 15 years, via this recently discovered video. Its raw, its real and this is how it all started.


2 thoughts on “Just In case you forgot”

  1. I think we should all watch the raw footage from time to time. Yeah sure history will have the data recorded… I am asked often “why do you hate Muslims so bad” this is why….. And the emotional impact of watching defenseless humans have to make the choice to either burn to death or fall to their death. Here we are over a decade later.. And those camel jockey boy raper countries have done little more than pay lip service so they are guilty by association… They all have a special place in hell for them every last Muslim whom has done nothing to counter this, to every Muslim who rejoiced there is a new level of hate. But to every Muslim whom stood up against them, you will be like my own blood

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