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If you are a vet and you are, or want to write a book this may be the place for you, This has been started by two very close friends and as someone who knows many veteran authors and knows a lot more who would like to be authors but they aren’t sure how to start in order to tell their story, this is great news. will provide an website for readers who want to find a book by a veteran, an outlet for authors who want to write their book, and a blogging platform for veteran writers. But beyond providing these services to veterans and customers, BooksbyVeterans and its parent company, Graybeard Books, strive to help veterans navigate the publishing world, which can be daunting. Besides the traditional publishing houses, platforms like Createspace, Nook, Kindle, Lulu, iBooks, and Smashwords offer authors a self-publishing outlet that can be confusing. Every author has the difficult task of figuring out which platform is right for them and how to use it to their advantage.

“It’s the mission of Graybeard Books to take the veteran by the hand and lead him through the minefield of publishing so he gets to the other side unscathed and with a published book he can be proud of,” Crigger says.

Veterans have great stories to tell. Whether it’s harrowing tales of bravery in the Korengaal Valley, “There I was” accounts of life in Fallujah, or comedic “I can’t believe I survived” stories from basic training, or a great non-military fiction book, veterans have a propensity for weaving tall and excellent tales.

So if you are someone who has or is writing a book or wants to, or if you know someone like that, please check out the website and contact Books By Veterans.

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