Sheepdogs Unite

When I came back from Afghanistan, the sheeple, the politically correct, the ones scared of our warrior class labeled it a negative and dark word.

They called it hyper-vigilance and it was supposed to be a symptom of being “damaged” from war. I was told “you don’t need to have a weapon with you all the time”, or “why are you always staring at the side of the road, nothing is going to blow up”. Of course was also told that there was “nothing to be afraid of back here”.


Boston bombings, theater shootings, the gunning down of soldiers and marines at recruiting centers and even on bases, is what we see and live in now. So I am not so sure being hyper-vigilant is such a bad thing. If you ask me, I think that is one of the best characteristics that a veteran, first responder or even American citizens can have. Be vigilant, be aware, always be ready to step up and be the Sheepdog for all the sheep. The wolves are here and more are coming, the shepherd doesn’t care and is only worried about offending the wolves.

Sheepdogs Unite….hyper-vigilance.


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