Hey America, are you AWAKE?

Gawker put up the best timeline for a quick read yesterday:

ITEM: The New York City subway system suffered an atrocious commute today, with some trains being inexplicably stranded in stations for long periods of time.

ITEM: The website “The Dissolve” folded today.

ITEM: United Airlines was forced to ground all of its flights after its computer system mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: The New York Stock Exchange suspended trading today after its computerized trading system mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: Immediately after, the Wall Street Journal’s website mysteriously stopped working.

ITEM: More than 2,500 people in Washington, DC mysteriously lost power.

See their whole posting here at http://gawker.com/ladies-and-gentlemen-its-time-to-panic-1716514222

And before you stick your head in the sand sheeple, and think that this was all one big coincidence check out http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/07/08/this-is-the-message-anonymous-posted-last-night-before-the-new-york-stock-exchange-outage/

Ladies and gentlemen, this was a test run of a global magnitude. Now I will say I am not 100% positive that all of the events listed above are related to each other but I am very confident that several are and America should be worried. Very, very worried.

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