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Jason Amerine is the poster child for Quiet Professional, Hero, Patriot, Duty, Honor, Country and above all, Self-less Service. Jason is also someone I consider a friend outside of all of that. I first wrote about Jason on this blog at when I did a book review of Eric Blehm’s book The Only Thing Worth Dying For which was the true story of Special Forces Team ODA 574. Jason was the Commander of the team and led ten other warriors along with a rag-tag bunch of Afghans into over-throwing the Taliban in the southern part of Afghanistan and bringing Hamid Karzai into the country. 

Jason has been on multiple news shows, been a special guest on The Colbert Report and was even honored by the US Army as a true “Hero” in the US Army developed game “America’s Army”. I even interviewed him on You Served Radio ( in 2010.

Jason has held a number of influential and important positions in the Army since those days in late 2001, several of which he and I continued to talk through as he moved form assignment to assignment. The last and probably one of the most stressful and rewarding positions ( he has never told me this but I assume he would agree with my assessment) was his last one where he was in charge of a small team deep in the bowels of the Pentagon responsible for identifying Americans held abroad by terrorists organizations and working the intelligence to formulate potential plans to rescue those Americans. From what I understand this was a relatively new team when Jason was assigned there and he tacked it like he would any combat mission on the field of battle. However this awesome responsibility he had bestowed on him, also caused him to see how dysfunctional things truly were inside the beltway.

Rather than me rewrite the whole story, I strongly encourage you to check out which is one of the best write-ups I have seen on what has been unfolding do far.

After reading that entire story I am sure you will join me in the disgust of it all. How dare they put this man under a accusatory microscope and implying he has done anything to violate the trust of this country and his honor. All because some LTG or the FBI got a little butt-hurt for being called out because they failed to do their job? He has served honorably for well over 20 years and has earned a retirement but now they are holding that up in order to run him through the political meat-grinder.

All for what? Because he sought to “right” a wrong? Because he decided to do the “Hard” right instead of the “Easy” wrong? Because he demonstrated complete selfless service by upholding all of the Army Values (, especially INTEGRITY and PERSONAL COURAGE?


There should be many more besides Rep. Duncan Hunter standing up for Jason. There should be every member of Congress, regardless of political party, who all claim they “support the troops” standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Rep. Hunter and Jason. In addition to that, Generals, Colonels, Sergeant Majors, or any leader in the Army should also be standing up for him. Jason was working to get any American who was held back from the enemy’s hands. In fact even some that were not Americans. He didn’t discriminate against political party, personal views, military affiliation. He was doing the job that this country asked him to do, just like he did in 2001 when he took those ten men into Afghanistan to help overthrow the enemy. The ten men whom he was not able to bring all back alive. The ten men he led and was responsible for. The ten men who knew the risks and what they were doing, and even though it was hard and dangerous, it was the right thing to do.

Just like now…the right thing to do.

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