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A great story was recently posted on about a covert mission that happened in 1987.

The title of the story is ”

The US Army’s Night Stalkers Once Helped Steal an Attack Helicopter From the African Desert”

It is a great story about how the USA was able to procure a cutting-edge Russian HIN-D helicopter so we could learn all about it.

Photo from the mission, courtesy of
Photo from the mission, courtesy of


The slightest hint of military action nearby would have likely sparked a firefight and a subsequent international incident if it was discovered that the United States was actively trying to remove Libyan military hardware from the desert, even though the Hind was abandoned in Chadian sovereign territory. The ADVON team had reported back with a detailed threat analysis, highlighting the fact that the Libyans were definitely still in the region. Chalk 1, having been inserted at Ouadi Doum, cleared the location and quickly rigged the Hind for extraction while the Chalk 2 Chinook hovered close above, allowing for the team to sling-load the airframe to the waiting helo. Chalk 2 then left the area to return to Ndjamena. After covering Chalk 2’s extraction, Chalk 1 loaded up and got the hell out of Dodge. The Libyans were totally clueless of what was happening just miles away from their positions.

You can read the whole story at


That is 28 years after it happened, not 28 hours. There is a thing called OPSEC, and it does not just apply before or during a sensitive operation, but equally applies well after an operation happened. Recently our D-boys went into Syria and stopped a bad dude of ISIS from stealing any more valuable oxygen from the rest of us ( This was all reported over the weekend on news outlets all over the world, less than a day after the mission occurred.

Back in the day, these types of missions happened all the time, but would either never be reported officially, or the details were announced weeks, months, years after the incident happened in order for all possible second or third order of effects to play out so we could achieve maximum benefit. That has all seemed to end in the last few years, where politicians and their mouthpieces race to the podium of microphones in order to self-pontificate and say “look at me”.

Anyway the point of this posting is two-fold. The first is to share this awesome story that is worth to read about how the USA did a little midnight-requisition of a Russian gunship. The second point is to point out how we should deal with secret missions….by keeping them secret.



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