Bless his heart…

So HE wants to be called a she, so HE can feel better about himself huh?

“This is an important distinction for Chelsea, both personally and legally,” attorney Nancy Hollander tells PEOPLE. Hollander, who is handling the criminal appeal in Manning’s case, filed the motion regarding the use of pronouns. “But it’s most important on a personal level.

And now the Military appeals court says the Army must refer to HIM that way. I seem to remember many people saying that once the Army supported Bradley to change his gender that it would head for this slipper slope. What is next? Well, way back when it was that HE would want the Army (taxpayers) to pay for HIS treatments to be a chick ( So now that has happened.

I predict that before 2015 is over, HIS lawyer will ask to have MR. Manning moved to a prison appropriate for HIS new gender and out of Leavenworth. 

Of course right now, all HE has won in the change to be issues some Army approved granny-panties.

Manning, who won the right to be issued female undergarments, has not been assigned female quarters at Ft. Leavenworth, Hollander says.

Well won’t HE be the hottest thing on Cell Block B?

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  1. I can’t believe it either. They do it in state prison’s all the time too and it just doesn’t make sense all the tax payer money going towards it? For what? How is it unethical to let them live the way they were born? especially while in prison.

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