This has to be the dumbest thing I have every heard

“We cannot kill our way out of this war” – State Department Spokeswoman, Marie Harf

This has to be the absolute dumbest thing I have ever heard spoken by any supposedly educated person with at least two inches of forehead. I am not sure what this “young” lady has learned in all of her history classes or if she has ever even spoke to a person who has been in combat.

I can assure this ignorant government employee that the only way a country (any country) WINS a war is to KILL AS MANY OF THE ENEMY AS POSSIBLE. How does she think we won WWII? How does she think we won WWI? How does she thing we won the American Revolution? How does she think wars are won?

As I have said on this blog in the past, wars are not “responsibly ended” or “gracefully withdrawn” or any other PC-wussy term that comes out of those without the fortitude or understanding of how wars are conducted.

So if Ms. Harf happens to come across this blog, let a 22 year retired Army Infantry 1SG educate her. Wars are won by killing so many people and/or destroying so many things that an enemy owns, they either surrender because they can’t stomach the fight or they are simply and completely wiped out. 

That is what war is. It is ugly, it is gross, it is life-changing for all sides. However it is also inevitable on our planet. It is  also, and should be, the very last course-of-action that any country takes.

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  1. That’s what happens when you have idiots that have never served in any military service making public statements about any form of war, limited or all out. Gutless politicians have caused more death and crap in times of combat than most of the enemy. MSG, USA, Ret! Viet Nam Vet.

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