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I am getting emails from people assuming I am Raven-Wolf. I wish I could take the credit. However, as much as I appreciate the praise, it is misplaced. I have been in Afghanistan a couple of times but I was not even in country when Bergdahl went missing. The story Raven-Wolf expressed is from a contact I have known for years (and vetted by other contacts I have had for just as long).

There are also emails, comments on this blog, and many other blogs and websites assuming or stating that Raven-Wolf is a soldier, was in Bergdahl’s unit (1/501st Airborne Battalion) and other assumptions. All of that is conjecture and unless stated by Raven-Wolf on what his role was in country, then there should not be any guesses and just know he was there as part of the entire ISAF coalition presence in country.

He has taken great person risk to do what needed to be done even when it was against the accepted conventions of the day. I think it is clear to all of my readers that we need more like him.


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  1. Since we don’t know who or what Raven-Wolf is, it’s a bit premature to say that it’s clear to all your readers that we need more like him.

    A good percentage of our people in Afghanistan are good people with good intentions trying to do a near-impossible job for stupid or non-existent reasons. But there definitely are some bad actors there just as there were in Iraq and just as there are in every war.

    When you are up to your ears in day to day operations in the military (any time, but particularly in a combat area) its a blur of hurry up and wait, danger and boredom, working with some people who are competent and some who are incompetent, being shot at, shooting at others, and on and on. Almost no one has the time to analyze why he is there or whether he is with the bad guys or the good guys.

    Bergdahl seems to have taken some time to think about such things, and maybe he was a bit screwed up in the head, maybe not Somebody in the head shed (and very possibly other somebodies above the head shed) makes the decisions, allocates the people, machinery, dollars and bullets.
    And the people Henry Kissinger described as “dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy” salute and deploy,

    Smedly Butler did the same thing in the Marine Corps for about 35 years. He lied about his age and received a direct commission as a 2LT in early 1898 at the age of 16. He served in many theaters, was awarded the Marine Corps Brevet Medal and two Medals of Honor (the only person ever to do so) and rose to the rank of Major General, the highest rank in the Marine Corps at that time. He was a very busy man. But after he retired he made a speech, later expanded into a small book, called War is a Racket. You should look it up online and read it and also read his biography on Wikipedia.

    Bouhammer, I assume that you were a good and honorable soldier. I don’t know what to assume about Raven-Wolf because I don’t know enough. If you are smart enough and when you have been retired long enough, you may reach similar conclusions as General Butler did and that I did. I had a total of 26 years service and now have been retired longer than that.

    It may be hard to make the point that Bergdahl was a deserter since he made at least two escape attempts, fought with five of his captors and was beaten up, shackled and put in a box for his trouble. That’s what we are taught to do in SERE school and what is in the Code of Conduct, right? I have read that it may also be hard to hang the deaths of people in his unit who were hunting for him just on his absence since there are indications that some of the officers and enlisted people in his outfit were F-Troop material. R-W said they were “a train wreck.” They might have gone off on some other mission and had as many casualties.

    What about Raven-Wolf’s assertions about the gag order re Bergdahl? What about the lock-down of all information about Bergdahl? How about the “American Army mentors” declining help from the Afghan colonel to find Bergdahl? If R-W (or whoever the real source of the article is—Remember you said, “The story Raven-Wolf expressed is from a contact I have known for years…”) is providing solid, vetted information, then the crappy information about the U.S. Army people is also a part of the equation. It would be nice to think that Army and other service commanders and their public affairs and spokespeople always tell the truth. It would be nice to think that the SECDEF and his public affairs and spokespeople always tell the truth. And it certainly would be nice to think that the President and his people always tell the truth. But we KNOW that is not the case. We are lied to all the time from all levels of government and of the military. Cover-ups are the name of the game all too often.

    Maybe you, like Diogenes, have searched for and found an honest man in the person of Raven-Wolf. Or maybe he is another lying, disingenuous piece of crap like some of the other people in the government and the military. I certainly can’t tell.

    I’m not trying to provide cover for Bergdahl, though he could use a defender or two, considering how Sean Hannity has already tried and convicted him several times and other shows on FOX are pretty much on the same bandwagon. I think Bergdahl may just be a good, well-intentioned, mixed up young man who joined the Army based on a mixture of idealism and a Walter Mitty complex. He may have been smart enough to look at how we had been in Afghanistan for eight years (now almost thirteen) chasing around and killing primitive people who want their country left alone and who had nothing at all to do with bin Laden or 9-11.

    Our military forces go into a war like this and tell the grunts we have to kill the bad guys, and the the war feeds on itself. The locals feel that they have a right to defend their country and way of life, so they do what they can to discourage the U.S. troops. IED’s kill some, amputate some and concuss others. Then we are pissed because those “bad guys” killed some of our “good guys.” So we want to kill more of them and to kill some of their non-combatant men women and children for good measure. Then they are really pissed and blow up more of our people with IED’s or whatever. And so it goes. The claimed most powerful and sophisticated military force in the world, with Humvees, MRAPS. tanks, planes, helicopters, drones, artillery, .50 caliber sniper rifles, helmets, body armor, a huge logistical chain that provides food and gasoline and bullets has been up against a bunch of guys with none of those things. They wear sandals, maybe have a few pickup trucks, have a mixture of small arms, make IED’s out of old artillery shells, etc. Who knows how they manage for chow and fuel? But they have stood off the United States for 13 years. Does that tell you anything?

    The bottom line of all this is that there is no bottom line. Different people are trying to use or even manipulate whatever facts exist to make things come out the way they think they should. Obama, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Pentagon, CENTCOM, the Army commands in Afghanistan, members of Bergdahl’s unit, the big news media, Bergdahl’s parents, you, Raven-Wolf—all have their points of view and want them to prevail. Obama may quietly put out the word that he does not want a court martial. Or he could do the Pontius Pilate thing, wash his hands and hang Bergdahl out to dry. We’ll have to wait and see. Certainly not everyone can possibly have his desired outcome. It’s likely that no one will take a fall and almost certain that no one other than Bergdahl will. The crappy end of the stick is generally reserved for the little guys.

    Here is a poem by e. e. cummings to think about:

    i sing of Olaf glad and big
    whose warmest heart recoiled at war:
    a conscientious object-or

    his wellbelovéd colonel (trig
    westpointer most succinctly bred)
    took erring Olaf soon in hand;
    but—though an host of overjoyed
    noncoms (first knocking on the head of
    him) do through icy waters roll
    that helplessness which others stroke
    with brushes recently employed
    anent this muddy toiletbowl,
    while kindred intellects evoke
    allegiance per blunt instruments—
    Olaf (being to all intents
    a corpse and wanting any rag
    upon what God unto him gave)
    responds, without getting annoyed
    “I will not kiss your fucking flag”

    straightaway the silver bird looked grave
    (departing hurriedly to shave)

    but-though all kinds of officers
    (a yearning nation’s blueeyed pride)
    their passive prey did kick and curse
    until for wear their clarion
    voices and boots were much the worse,
    and egged the firstclassprivates on
    his rectum wickedly to tease
    by means of skillfully applied
    bayonets roasted hot with heat—
    Olaf (upon what were once knees)
    does almost ceaselessly repeat
    “there is some shit I will not eat”

    our president,being of which
    assertions duly notified
    threw the yellowsonofabitch
    into a dungeon,where he died

    Christ (of His mercy infinite)
    i pray to see;and Olaf,too

    preponderatingly because
    unless statistics lie he was
    more brave than me:more blond than you

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