Guest Blogger, Susan K.- The real reason to hate Michael Vick

After having spent nine years taking care of our war wounded service members, with all its heartbreaks and tragedies, the one thing I value most is opportunities to see how well my former patients have done. For me, to watch these men and women recover, get married, have children, play hockey, basketball, compete in the Para Olympics, graduate from college, is my assurance the care I gave them made a difference.

Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to attend a charity softball game in which the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team ( took on the NFL Players Association Team.   As I scrolled through the team’s roster I realized I had taken care of over half of them. It was great for me to be there and watch the smiles and laughter come from men I had last seen pale, thin, scared and in pain. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see their recoveries. It makes all the sorrow and the emotional turmoil of caring for wounded warriors worth it. Which made what happened on the softball field that much more a travesty.

I walked around the stadium looking at the outfield and saw the wounded warriors warming up next to the NFL players. As the players were introduced, I found a seat and watched the fist bumps and high fives of team members gearing up to play with a smile on my face. As the announcer came to the last NFL player to be identified he prefaced it with “he’s not here yet ladies and gentlemen but he’s on his way”. The name Michael Vick was announced. I have always believed in giving people the benefit of the doubt and this particular person’s claim of “turning his life around” was no different. However actions speak louder than words and what transpired over the next couple of hours was truly appalling.

The game progressed, the wounded warriors trouncing the NFL players; the final score 25-8. The NFL players on the field laughed and joked with the warriors and at one point there was an impromptu “brawl” that cleared the benches and had everyone in the stands laughing.

With the wounded warriors on the field, the NFL players up to bat, a full 30 minutes into the game, the announcer calls everyone’s attention to the fact that Michael Vick has now arrived.  Since it seemed to be mandatory everyone acknowledge his presence the entire game was stopped.  Mr. Vick walked straight across the field and headed directly for the dugout, never stopping to speak with any of the players.  Perhaps he was uncomfortable meeting the amputees, perhaps he didn’t know what to say, or how to shake hands as some of them don’t have hands to shake.  Maybe he was self conscious?  I was still willing to give the benefit of the doubt, as not everyone loves these wounded warriors as much as I do.

However, not once did Mr. Vick emerge from the dugout, not once did he take the field to actually play softball. Only when the announcer and some in the crowd began chanting “we want Vick” did he bother to come out and take a turn at bat. Once at bat, when he finally managed to hit the softball, he simply dropped the bat at home plate and walked off the field. He didn’t try to run, didn’t acknowledge his team members, didn’t have another NFL player run for him. He walked off the field and back to the dugout.

I don’t know who was more stunned, the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team or the crowd. I could see the looks on the amputees faces as they stood there trying to comprehend what happened. I can only imagine the thoughts running through the minds of these combat veterans. I sat numb with shock at the complete and total disrespect shown to these men. Military service members who have given their limbs in protection of Mr. Vick, his freedoms and his ability to act like an ass. I could only sit and shake my head trying to clear the lump in my throat and the tears from my eyes. The game ended and I’d like to think Mr. Vick came out of the hole and talked with the softball team, he could learn a lot from them.   I don’t know if he ever did or not, I have no great hope he did.

One last thing before I end. I gotta tell ya, Mr. Vick, there’s a reason why people don’t like you and you’ve just given me another one. Your callus treatment of these men is appalling, disgusting and disgraceful.


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  1. Great article. First and formost THANK YOU for your dedication to helping the Wounded Warriors! Thank you doesn’t even seem strong enough…secondly, it is not surprising that Michael Vick acted like an asshole. He is a narcissist. And unfortunately, how people treat animals is a direct indicator of how they treat people, and tells you everything you need to know about their character.

  2. Let me make a correction to my previous post…THANK YOU for helping our wounded veterans, not just for helping and supporting Wounded Warriors! The world could use more people like you…

  3. Thank you for loving these Warriors and all our Vets. Your article was so well written but I have a question. Was there ever any doubt that this “person” would act like a POS? He abused animals and people. He is an ass. This will probably count toward some type of community service when the only service he really provided was to leave the game.

    1. My only question: why was he invited? His lack of class and inhumanity goes without saying. He doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as these heroes.

  4. Being an animal lover I have followed his actions closely and agree he is not a changed man. Everything is always about me, me, me with him. He was probably afraid to come out of the dugout in fears someone would call him a dog killer. He is a coward who cannot face his past. Those heroes are better off not to have to shake hands or breathe the same air as that loser scum.

    1. Oh yea, me me me. He started the team Vick foundation to get himself book bags and school supplies, oh and don’t forget how he donated millions to animal hospitals and what not to help himself and all of those softball games he goes into to help raise money for those in need ugh just selfish. He’s been called dog killer plenty of times during the NFL season and all he did was go out and play ball because in reality the Vets just like the people who scream dog killer are nobodies just civilians who have no monetary worth. The Vets fought for opium good for them.

      1. And I am betting that you are also a POS that believes dogfighting and animal abuse is acceptable. Vick even said he would still be doing the same had he not been caught. I am convinced (thru research and those in the know of dog fighting kingpins) that he is STILL involved albeit behind the scenes. As for his charity work, it is only to continue to try to make himself look good to continue his ridiculous football income.

        You probably think Charles Manson has been rehabilitated too. No one that would so sadistically abuse and torture an animal should EVER be trusted around humans.

      2. He stole $$$ From his”charity.” Bought his babymama new car,old mama Vick a house. He is a worthless pile of shit and stupid as a rock.

  5. If you saw every thing else that occurred, why don’t you know if he ever came out of the dugout and acknowledge anyone else? Sounds like a one-sided opinion about what occured. Are there any major news articles chronicling this event?

    1. Who gives a shit really about “his side”?! He obviously acted like an ass, like this was just another PR stunt to help his career and sounds to me, he was in no way, shape or form interested in being a part of the game at all. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter what the other side of the story might be…this article already expressed that!

      1. Well most of the players there just needed the $$$. There’s a number of reasons Vick acted the way he did. But hey you don’t care you;re just as biased as any other animal lover here.

  6. Mr. (and I use the term loosely) Vick is a disgrace! As others have pointed out you can tell a lot about a person’s character by how they treat animals and how they treat those less fortunate than themselves. Vick should have crawled across that field stopping to kiss the feet of every member of the Wounded Warriors team along the way. Instead he skulked into the dugout & his like the low life piece of sub-human excrement that he is. Another thing; what was the NFLPA thinking by including an animal murdering piece of crap like Vick in the first place? Were ALL the other players out of town?

    Kudos to you for both your work & for sharing the story, disgraceful as the news of Vick’s performance (or rather lac thereof) maybe. Michael Vick; next time do the world a favor & just stay home. The less the world sees of you the better!

  7. Vick is a narcissistic, arrogant, piece of garbage. The fact that the NFL welcomed him back after he has shown zero remorse for his heinous crimes, is the primary reason I won’t watch football. The only thing he was sorry about, was getting caught.

  8. I am so sorry you and the Vets had to be subjected to that SOB. He is just pure evil.Many people question why there are people like me who detest him and keep on ripping into him telling us he has done his time,leave him alone etc.I think he learned nothing from his incarceration and the only thing he ever does is self-promote. There is no regret, no remorse for what he did and his behaviour continues to be appalling and that is why we will NEVER let it go.

    1. Pure evil? Donated a million to anti dog fighting organizations, started a charity for needy children, funds multiple charity events for the betterment of others and he’s evil? If he didn’t learn anything he would keep fighting dogs wouldn’t he? You don’t have to let it go. I’m sure no one cares that you won’t let it go. But it’s kind of fishy that you are going after the only one dog fighting SUSPECT and not guys like Floyd B. who ran an even bigger ring than VIck and got off easily.

  9. It’s cos he’s a cold person full stop who abuses dogs, why would u expect him to be different with people. Someone like that should not be allowed to walk around he should be in jail.

  10. Well it’s more than apparent he just didn’t want to be there, it was probably just a thing he agreed to show up for and something else he felt more important came up that he couldn’t go to. Just because someone doesn’t worship the ground the vets walk on doesn’t necessarily mean their any more or any less thankful than anyone else. Look at the players who were also in the game Josh Morgan, he got arrested not too long ago for assault, the others were just free agents and back ups. Vick simply made the commitment and didn’t feel comfortable during the festivities. And why were you crying like a little biotch by the way? You know how long that trip is to get from your new home in New york to san fran for a game that you pretty much have to lose so you don’t look like a jerk it’s a long trip. You know he’s been doing these games for about three years now right? You know the charity soft ball games. It was probably last minute there’s a umber of possibilities on why he was in a bad mood. Why don’t you write about Ray Rice the guy who knocked out his girl friend and still gets to play ball. In short stop making assumptions when you don’t even know the full story no wonder you write for some online blog.

    1. Well you know that is one of the main problems with professional sports. Ignorant fools so idolize these players that it matters not at all anymore what they do off the field. There was a time when there were morals clauses. There was a time a lawbreaking professional athlete was tossed out of competition. Now….. naw slap their wrist ( or even rarely send them to prison) and then welcome their sorry butts back. I have no respect for these professional athletes. They want the big bucks, they want to be looked up to and idolized by our youth, and they wallow in drugs, beat up (or murder) people and think they are teflon. Yeah the NFL, NBA, NHL and baseball should all be ashamed!
      Thank Heaven for the few professional players with morals and truly care about their careers and those they MAY influence

  11. Vick is not the only sports player that committed horrible crimes, yes he is scum – and so many other players even in different sports as well. The problem is society places more importance on a game than the men and women that fight for their right to be the entitled people they are. They should not be paid the money they are paid, they should not be above the law – but the sad part is – they are. Vick disgusts me as well as many other people, but he really doesn’t care. Any of the people that commit those crimes get away with it. You and I would not.

    1. A couple of guys have been acquitted for dog fighting, and they were average people like you and I, Floyd B. Kerry Evans, Brian Denny, Tom Brookover, George Burris, Curtis Pickering the list goes on and on.

      1. I rest my case! There are too many people in this country that still have not made the connection between animal abuse and the crimes (violent) against humans. Especially at a young age.

  12. Why would he make a commitment to anything that he is uncomfortable with? Most everyone know’s that it is nothing short of a PR stunt. He is now (since he was found out) trying to be something that he not a human being!! Not only because he did not want to go to jail, but also trying to not lose all the millions of which he could have also lost. (Both of which he should have lost) some people are fooled with his acting, But actions speak louder than words but, the truth sooner or later shines through and this is just what this was a small example of what he is and always will be. Mr. vick is only about Mr. vick!!And how dare you Mike Hancho to be so disrespect ful to a person who does so much for our vets is in fact it’s appalling!!!! You should be ashamed!! If you was a little more open minded and not so Pro Mike Vick as you seam to be, you just might see things in a different light.

    1. Because the last thing any one wants especially in his situation is to get a bunch of negative publicity for not playing with a couple of plastic ambulatory vets. You say actions speak louder than words but he’s done more to fight dog fighting and even started charities for the needy you and your cohorts have probably done nothing but give a dollar or two to the guys who dress up like santa during December and call that your good deed for the day . All the vets did was go to Iraq ad fight in a war over opium not to save any rights or freedoms just OPIUM, seriously do any of you honestly think that the afghans wanted to take our rights? I see things from both sides and it’s more than apparent you’re biased.

  13. Did he think he was “superior” to the wounded warriors? He should only hope for an iota of class and Dignity belonging to our heroes. I hated Vick for his barbarous actions to dogs, I now wish him eternal pain and suffering

  14. Someone probably told him he was playing with “vets” and his thought was “why bother, I don’t even like animals”. So tired of hearing excuses about this guy’s lack of humanity. Buying PR does not redeem you.

  15. What I trying to understand is your modus operandi for posting this misdirecting blog entry. It’s is riddled with half-baked opinions… not FACTS.

    The cold, hard truth is Michael Vick is not the problem… you are the problem.

    You mention that you gave the man the benefit of the doubt. Well, I hate to break the bad news to you. Whenever a coward uses weasel phrases and words to justify his/her… er… opinion presented as fact… it’s obvious that the following words that are uttered thereafter are utter b.s.

    Let me make you understand the hell against which I fought. The Scandal of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has saddened me and gave me many reason to lose all faith in that corrupted governmental agency. I’m a disabled U.S. Marine veteran who has a major beef with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for years. The services I received in 1998 almost cost me my life. It is a horrific ordeal which I’d never wish on members of even the most dangerous Islamic terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. No human should be murdered in cold blood or have their character assassinated.

    But I digress…

    Why should you care about the rant of an affable Southern gentleman like me? For the answer, brace yourself. Here it comes the tongue lashing (justified scolding nor verbal abuse) to which you better pay full attention…

    1. SHAME ON YOU: You used an event about OUTSTANDING war wounded service members and a well-played ball game to justify your SEO link baiting crap. You have brazenly used SEO baiting to draw traffic and to emotionally stir unholy thoughts in people who dislike a man who have ALREADY paid his debt to society.

    2. SHAME ON YOU: Your guest blog entry should focus ONLY on the war wounded service members.

    3. SHAME ON YOU: You used the old GIECO misdirection technique (no, I’m not talking about a lame Jedi mind trick) to lure Michael Vick haters and suggest that “Mr. Dog Killer (aka Baby Daddy, Thug, and N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. Gangster) dishonored war wounded service members at the game.

    Tsk… Tsk… Tsk…

    I could go on, but I won’t. Why? My time is valuable. And, so is yours. Therefore, I’ve opted to chant the Serenity Prayer a few times before I post dark emotional thoughts that would make the inner demons green with envy.

    It’s unfortunate that you resorted to employing link baiting methods, “playa-hating” tactics, and dirty SEO tricks just for a few eyeballs.

    As a disabled veteran, I’m more pissed than a countless number of piss ants. You should have taken the high road and post a better and more civilized blog entry about the success of my fellow disabled military veterans and wounded troops in that game… without EVER mentioning the name of Michael Vick. That would have been as lovely as milk and cookies. Does that makes sense to you or not? I hope it does… for your sake!

    The baiting tactics you have used caught me attention. I thought you were blogging abut “a real reason to hate Michael Vick.” As an avid sports fanatic, I thought you were posting about a real reason to hate Michael Vick. Instead, you posted a poorly-conceived blog entry that make you look unprofessional… very unprofessional.

    Shame on you. You ought to know better than positing such garbage. Your time should have been better spent on focusing on the true heroes in the story. How about that? Am I making sense or not?

    In fact, the title to your guest blog entry never mentioned the “war wounded service members” or “the game” in which them played well. Why not?

    After reading and re-reading your blog post entry, an epiphany came to me.

    Michael Vick didn’t avoid my fellow patriots to avoid controversy. Yes, I’ll give him credit for not taking a Obama photo op with my fellow American patriots.

    Mikey boy knows his standing in the veterans community is lower than the manure floating at the lowest level in each corner of the Seven Seas. Do I think he acted appropriately. The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

    Please understand a Universal Truth… don’t ever use disabled veterans and wounded troops in this disgraced manner ever again. It’s not fair to us true American patriots who lost our veterans and troops who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our beloved nation.

    You owe it to yourself to understand personally about which I’m ranting. It’s essential that you understand the hurt I’m experiencing at this sad moment. You did a poor job in telling a story about the victory of the disabled military veterans and wounded troops in that game. You clearly erred. I’m taken aback by your decision to employ SEO misdirection tricks to inundate your readers with your opinion about Mikey boy.

    Amazingly, it seems as if you do not respect the many disabled veterans and wounded troops who actually gave something to our beloved country… a blank check to the United States of America.

    Remember this saying from an unknown author…

    A veteran is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount of “up to and including my life.”

    The next time you write about disabled veterans and wounded troops, please focus on them. Avoid injecting your biases in any story in which they are featured! It’s about their sacrifice to our beloved country… IT’S NOT ABOUT HATING MICHAEL VICK!

    Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to rant and to “scold” you for posting this trash. Although I’m very disappointed that you’ve posted this disgusting guest blog entry, I value your right to free speech… which was paid for by disabled military veterans, wounded troops, and other members, past and present, of the U.S. Armed Forced.

    God bless America! Keep your powder dry! Carry on!

    1. With all due respect, sir, your anger toward Susan is misguided and truly a shame. . I owe you GREAT respect and HONOR you for your service to the United States and most of all i THANK you for what you have done and sacrificed for our country. However…there are MANY wars going on still in this world and the War Against Animal Cruelty is on the top of my list, right next to the War Against Child Abuse.
      I have many concerns and interests as i am sure you do as well, and you are fully entitled to feel as you do but i truly wish that i could make you see and understand through my eyes….
      Each day, in every war that is fought, there are chances for us to make a point to others to show them the light or to get them for one minute to focus on something that we see but they do not. This blog by Susan was not intended to take away from the honor and pride of the veteran, but to possibly show to the public that it’s not “just a dog thing” as i’ve read people write in the past…YES..they say “oh it’s just a dog” ..”it’s just an animal”..well i’m sorry but to me, that is JUST not enough and so there WILL be times when we take advantage of a situation to point out facts that others may not have been aware of.
      Paid his debt? SAYS WHO? Did the United States pay THEIR debt to YOU? Considering the first part of your conversation, I would give that a big HELL NO. Well just as YOU have a beef with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs for good reason, some of US have a beef with Michael Vick that is ALSO ongoing and we most likely won’t EVER feel that he has paid his debt.
      Being an American is not something that senior citizens have control of the market on, Sir. We all have experiences and we all have grief and anger, and we all have our OWN forms of PTSD. HUMANS don’t corner the market on PTSD either!!! The casualties of war in this case were the dogs and Michael Vick was the enemy. I am quite surprized that you would even chastise a person like Susan who shows character by calling him out on his bullshit act.
      Who is to say WHEN a person has paid their debt for what they have done? Who is to say when Americans have paid enough RESPECT to the veterans? Wrongdoing is wrongdoing and then there is TORTURE and whether these dogs were enlisted in the army or marines or navy or air force or JUST the BAD NEWZ KENNELS SCHOOL OF HELL FOR DOGS….which trains i suppose in a way possibly similar to the way that the military trains a marine saying FIGHT OR DIE…. and just as your unknown author wrote :A veteran is someone who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America,” for an amount of “up to and including my life.” …well these DOGS were ALSO SOMEONES who, at a point in their life, was FORCED to write that check payable to “Michael Vick”, for an amount up to and including THEIR lives.
      As for me, i THANK Susan for her dousing his petty public relations JOKE with the piss it deserves and although i pay ultimate respect to you for your service, I also pay MUCH respect to those tortured souls who suffered at the hands of a man whose feeble attempts at restitutuion probably compare closely to those of your Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs.
      Keep your powder dry and your flag held high, Sir, and please if you would, gear up and join us for yet another war that so often doesn’t get the attention, thought, or action that it deserves. …

  16. Because I’m a senior citizen, pardon my typos. I may no longer be lean, but I’m still a mean U.S. Marine. 🙂

    Correction #1…

    After reading and re-reading your blog post entry, an epiphany came to me.

    Michael Vick avoided (correction) my fellow patriots to avoid controversy. Yes, I’ll give him credit for not taking a Obama photo op with my fellow American patriots.

    Correction #2…

    Thank you so much for affording me the opportunity to rant and to “scold” you for posting this trash. Although I’m very disappointed that you’ve posted this disgusting guest blog entry, I value your right to free speech… which was paid for by disabled military veterans, wounded troops, and other members, past and present, of the U.S. Armed Forces (correction).

    Thank you again, Susan, for affording me the opportunity to share my thought with you and my fellow American patriots. Please pardon any other typos which I may have overlooked.

    God bless America! Keep your powder dry! Carry on!

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