Guest Blogger, Raven-Wolf: Bergdahl, How pride and arrogance kept us from getting him back

Bouhammer Note- I have known of this complete story for five years. However I could not come public with it or ask my sources to even allow me to take it public. One of my sources who goes by the nickname Raven-Wolf, who was and is very connected and was on the ground at the time Bergdahl went missing shared this information with me in great detail in the last 24 hours. Now that Bergdahl is safely in US possession, Raven-Wolf felt it was time to let people know the truth. What you read in this post is completely first-hand and factual.
I am glad for his family that Bergdahl is home, however I am disappointed in the actions of his father recently (I will write about this more later). I am sure they love their son very much and am glad to have him back safe. However this young man made very bad decisions, and must be held accountable for them, in my opinion.
There is a lot on the internet right now from many other first-hand accounts by people that were in his unit. Now you can read a little behind the scenes about how we could have gotten him back within days, if not weeks, had it not been for arrogance and pride.
For a complete listing of postings on this blog about Bergdahl, check out

It was June 2009. I was working off the grid in and around South-Eastern Afghanistan. I had built a very effective Afghan network: local elders, merchants, NDS commanders, Afghan Army CI, etc. Word came down that a soldier from the 501st INF had gone AWOL. The name of the soldier was quickly known: Bowe Bergdahl.

Within hours of the reported “DUSTWUN” (Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown) the RC-East Commander initiated a total gag order, preventing any Army unit or Embedded Training Team (ETT) / Police Mentor Team (PMT) team from sharing intelligence with the Afghans. His order was based on his command’s stated belief that the Afghans were complicit in the taking of Bergdahl. The actual motivations came out later in private meetings behind closed doors: he wanted to protect his chances for promotion to O-7 (One Star General).

The Commander’s order didn’t affect me, and I frankly had little care for being involved in the search for someone as obviously stupid as this kid. My feelings, bluntly, were that Darwin’s laws should be let to play out and the Taliban’s desires to turn young boys into sex puppets was this kids earned destiny.

Almost immediately the rumor mill was in full swing. I returned to my Area of Operations (AO) and stayed to my own business. Nothing was flying or moving unless it was part of the search. So I took some days to read, catch up on emails and listen to the chatter in the mess hall as I sucked down my cups of bad coffee and powdered creamer. Mid-way through the second week I ran into one of the PMT mentors. He was furious about having to deal with the gag order; rightfully describing how the lack of sharing was undermining his teams relationship and trust with the Afghan Police units they were mentoring. His frustration got to me; it pissed me off to be more to the point. I knew this kid Bergdahl could be found. Not through the might of every US military asset in Eastern Afghanistan, but through tribal connections and traditional ways of doing business in Afghanistan…something Regular Army commanders never understood. I left the encounter with the PMT mentor, returned to my AO and walked into my Colonel’s office. “I will make you a bet I can locate this kid in a week.” He looked at me and said nothing. He knew how I worked and I walked out. I began by walking into the office of an Afghan Intelligence Officer I knew. He greeted me as always; welcomed me in and offered me Chai. We had not seen each other for well over a month. We shared stories, we discussed insurgent tactics, new TTPs, his family, my travels. Then I asked him the question I had come for, “Colonel…where’s our boy?” He looked at me and just stared back. Then he said, “You don’t want to know.”

I was taken aback and frankly irritated. I had had enough of the games over this kid’s search. “What do you mean I don’t want to know! We are friends; we have been friends a long time. Your answer is not good enough.” The Colonel then went on to explain to me how he had offered his support to find Bergdahl. However, the American Army mentors told him they weren’t interested; that they had everything under control.

I reminded him I wasn’t them and that I could frankly give a shit what his Army mentors were or were not interested in. “Help me find him. You and I both know this cannot be done without Afghan intelligence. You and I know that regardless of how stupid this kid is, he needs to be brought home.”

He sat down at his desk and made a call as he scribbled a few notes on a piece of white paper. He then got up from his desk, walked across the room and sat down in front of a dusty computer at the back. A few keystrokes later, he added a few more notes to the paper, walked over towards me and handed me what he had written.

Tramadol Online Cod Overnight “These are the names of the villages and GPS coordinates where your boy was the past three nights.”

Best Site To Order Tramadol Online I thanked him and took the information back to my Colonel. I told him what was on the paper. He took it with a bit of suspicion, but stated that he would be sending it up to the Special Operations Task Force 373. Later that night he called me into his office.

“I don’t know where you are getting your information but keep in coming. They like what you have.” Over the next few days I expanded my information gathering to include NDS, Afghan CI, and locals. The Afghans continued to provide details on location, how Bergdahl was traveling, what he was wearing, and his state of mind. The picture continued to grow and the picture was one of a kid that had willingly left his post, deserted his brothers and his commitment to the US Army and our country. Bergdahl was described as dressed in local dress. He was riding around on the back of motorcycles hugging his Afghan captors. He was not in chains or in handcuffs, but willingly moving about to avoid detection. He needed to be retrieved…not to save him, but to punish him for his betrayal.

The details around Bergdahl’s decision to walk off of his FOB (Forward Operating Base) to explore the wilds of Afghanistan were locked down almost immediately. Even journalists were restricted from access; being denied interviews, field movement or access to anyone with any knowledge of Bergdahl or of his unit. Keeping the lid on the story was the number one command objective. But I dug and I found details. Though I still have this part of the story listed as “unconfirmed” this is what I put together: Bergdahl was unstable the minute he arrived in country. He was unhappy, disconnected from the unit, and dissatisfied with the way his unit had dealt with several incidents. He had illusions of grandeur, talking about getting back to nature. He also had a romanticized ideal of himself as some sort of one man Rambo as well as a love affair with the Afghan indigenous fighter (aka Taliban). Rumors of what happened ranged from his unit running over a child to Bergdahl slowly coming unglued. He had all of the signs of being high risk. There was never any one story that was consistently told about the cause and effect. Both his unit and his command were protective and defensive… obvious signs of hiding something. What was more than clear is that Bergdahl, his unit and his command were a train wreck. As for Bergdahl specifically, his background should have been an early warning that something, anything, could easily set him off. Raised by a Northwest family that would be best described as off the grid, liberal tofu eaters, Bergdahl was homeschooled and raised to be a kind and sensitive child. He learned ballet, and enjoyed long walks in nature. He was almost a modern day young Emerson. When he turned of age he apparently felt he needed some adventure so he talked to a recruiter and fell in love with the “be all you can be” dream and joined the Army. Airborne was now his new meditation mantra and walks in the woods were replaced with forced marches and an 80-pound rucksack. To what should not have been a surprise to anyone, he did not work in well with his unit. Maybe it was the ballet, maybe it was his sensitive nature now imprisoned by his sworn duty to kill the bastards who celebrated the deaths of over 3000 Americans killed on 9-11. Whatever his reasons, when the moment arrived that he decided he was no longer interested in his obligation, his “free spirit”spoke as he grabbed his sketchbook and some water and walked off of the FOB. He was AWOL. Nothing more to it than that. At the end of my seventh day or so of working this problem, I returned to the office of the Afghan Intelligence Colonel. Over another round of Chai and information exchange, I pressed him to leverage his network to set up a meet with the tribe that was holding Bergdahl. By this time the profile of Bergdahl’s captors was becoming clear. Where Bergdahl played out a version of a spoiled brat’s “walk about”, his captors saw opportunity. They had grievances with the local Governor. They wanted to use Bergdahl to get what they thought they deserved. This was the Afghan way.

During this time the rumors and reports from the US side were that Berdahl had been taken by Haqqani. That was not the case. His captors had sent out word to the Haqqani network asking for a reward, however the initial interest from Haqqani was cool to tepid at best. Their concern was that Bergdahl was mentally unstable; and even though Bergdahl had voluntarily converted to Islam, the Haqqani network was not willing to bring a mentally unstable Muslim convert over the border into Pakistan. We should have paid attention to Haqqani. I sat with the Afghan Colonel and we went over the tape that had been released of Bergdahl. We watched it a half dozen times. Other Afghan intelligence types entered the room. They dissected the images…the weave on the bread that was shown in the video was only available in one particular village; the sound of the generators demonstrated a level of wealth; the pattern on the rugs provided insight into the owner and their taste; the food and the way it was served provided understanding of tribal habits and behaviors; the interviewer, his English intonation and his camera skills could only be of a select few people; and Bergdahl himself provided a wealth of clues from his dress, to his mannerisms, to his compliant attitude. The Colonel made some notes. The Afghan cadre discussed what they had seen. He felt sure he knew what village Bergdhal was in. “I want to meet with the tribal leader who is holding him. Just me and my interpreter. I will travel in my own vehicle. No military. No guns. You can join me if you wish,” I told him. The Colonel called a friend in Parliament. The discussion was brief. He hung up the phone and we waited. A few minutes later the phone rang; it was his Parliament friend again. The tribal leader had agreed to the meet. The location would be set the next day. The Afghan Colonel and I agreed to travel together. We parted, each of us setting about preparing our kit for the next morning. The media blast that followed the Bergdahl video was what the RC-East Commander had hoped to avoid. The story was now out. Bergdahl who had been effectively a blip on the radar up to that point became an international star overnight. The elevation of status made him more valuable and Haqqani understood this. The following morning as I walked to the vehicle to meet up with the Afghan Colonel, he greeted me, still wearing his military dress. I knew something was off. He informed me that the meeting had been cancelled. Overnight Haqqani had dispatched a team with an undisclosed amount of cash and had taken control of Bergdahl. From that point forward the chances of getting him back were all but lost.


Tramadol Using Mastercard Over the next few years I made the occasional probes through my Afghan contacts about Bergdahl. The responses were always the same…he was with Haqqani. Some reports had him living happily in Haqqani’s large compound in Pakistan. Other reports told of him missing his family and regretting his decision to go AWOL. He was regularly reported being seen in the markets near the Haqqani compound, usually shopping on his own without restraints or guards. Within many circles Bergdahl became more like an urban legend. Under GEN McChrystal a group was stood up called the Counter-insurgency Assessment Advisement Team, or CAAT for short. Early on there was one notable idiot by the name of Sean. A former 7th Special Forces Group guy, he and his tag-along buddy Tim promised to retrieve Bergdahl and bring fame and recognition to the CAAT. Naturally their grand plan never materialized. Bergdahl remained safely in the arms of Haqqani. Near the end of GEN Petraeus’time I came across the Personnel Recovery group working to find Bergdahl. Outside of several highly covert units still tasked with finding the kid, this private contracted team was all that was left. We shared information, I reviewed their plans, and what was clear is that there wasn’t a plan. Bergdahl was Haqqani’s property until Haqqani decided otherwise. For me the issue was simple, Bergdahl wasn’t worth it.

Tramadol Visas Zales This last year I sent out another query on Bergdahl. The response this time was similar, but a few things had changed. Unlike past queries, the information that came back was that the Haqqani group was tiring of Bergdahl. They were becoming concerned that they would be left holding him and not accomplish their goals of retrieving their brothers from US holding. The word was they were willing to negotiate. In true Pashtun fashion, however, they added a threat of killing Bergdahl if their demands weren’t met. My Afghan contacts told me they could make the meet happen. I passed. The risk to get this kid wasn’t worth it and by this time the United States government was well on its way to giving in to Haqqani to save face and win a few political points with the liberal mass of military haters back home.

The latest news of 5 GITMO detainee transfers for this kid’s life left me nauseated. From everything I was receiving, Haqqani never expected to get any of the prisoners, let alone 5 of some of the most highly valued targets we had in holding. The US negotiators had fallen for the bluff…the threat of killing the kid. No one ever asked the question of why Haqqani would kill Bergdahl suddenly now after keeping him alive for so many years. A typical political knee jerk reaction to a problem rooted in thousands of years of traditions and ways of doing deals. We got screwed and I suspect Haqqani is laughing his ass off at us from his compound in Pakistan.

The deal that has been made is a slap in the face to every American soldier alive and dead that has served this country with honor. Bowe Bergdahl is a traitor. He willingly left his post and his fellow soldiers to go on a spiritual stroll in Afghanistan, convert to Islam and ultimately join up with the Taliban…and in so doing cost us the lives of great soldiers who were tasked with finding him…just run the body count of how many died searching for him in 2009. Bergdahl wasn’t captured as the Army and media spin-doctors would want you to believe. He betrayed his country and should pay the price of incarceration at the least and death by hanging at the best. May he burn in Hell. Reported by RW

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  1. Thank you for shining a light behind the pc policies of appeasement that put us all in danger. We’re all usually shadowed in the darkness, especially where the culture of Islam is concerned.

  2. Tramadol Online Overnight Uk I dare the author of this pussy crap to google “we were there to document the event”… or learn ANY truth about the israeli false flag 9/11,,,, you who violated Posse Commitatus, believed 2 airplanes could “knock down” 3 skyscrapers all the way to holes in the ground,,, ignored all the international LAWS,,, you are the ones to burn in hell,,, me & my 37 yr old Honorable Discharge now hope for a chinese invasion & homegrown Nuremburg trial to rid the former uSA of all, ALL its jew ish sock puppetts. the uSA is a nation of kidnappers, cowards , murderers & Liars.

    1. You want China to invade? You want a modern NurembEug? You may want to learn to spell and use punctuation first. Maybe you really want a Dic-tion-ary. Learn to use your words. I doubt your street credentials for intelligence.
      As for the meaning of your incoherent ramblings; you are clearly a moron. Your meaning is lost on anyone that can read at a second grade level. Do the United States a solid, move to China. Help plan the invasion. You will quickly find out what happens to people with your limited mental capacity.
      Have a lovely day…bigot.

  3. This is why I have not jumped on the flag waving bandwagon. There are too many ‘issues’ with this lad – e.g., sending home is personal laptop and all high-value personal items prior to his SP down the road. Leaving without a weapon… at least a few hundred dicks didn’t have to count and recount weapons by SN for days….

  4. I’m amazed! Is it at all posssible for this administration to do anything without contraversy?

  5. Great account of this debacle. Thank You for putting some facts out there for us since we cannot count on the “WH controlled media” to report any truths at all. As the parent of a “special operator” 12 years, I understand the difference between what the citizens are fed and what really occurs and how the contrast is too “shocking” for the sheeple to get a grasp of. I am encouraged that our people in uniform are speaking out on this issue to get the truth out there. The heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice for this POS deserve no less, and we must demand justice for them……RLTW….TSAF!

  6. In the United States, a person is innocent until proven guilty. Rumors and hearsay evidence like those in the post above are not admissible as evidence in a court of law. I would recommend being careful about statements that cannot be supported by concrete, first-hand evidence. Bergdahl’s lawyers are likely to come after the people who make such accusations with liable and slander lawsuits. It could cost you a small fortune.

    Caring for buddies in combat is a two-way street. If Bergdahl was a stupid kid going off the deep end with weird ideas and emotional dysfunction as you appear to relate, you and your buddies in the unit had a responsibility to see that he got the “straightening up and care” that he needed to be a balanced soldier or to see that he was transferred out to a unit where his dysfunction would not be a risk to himself or other members of the unit. Everyone in combat watches his buddy’s back and trusts that his buddy is watching his. It’s all the time—not just when you are being shot at. I have to ask, “Who was watching Bergdahl’s back side?” It sounds as if nobody was—and if so—that was just plain wrong.

    I look at it like this. Bergdahl is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. That is not going to happen with “hearsay” in a military court or any other kind of court. He is an American soldier. He went to Afghanistan to serve. He spent time serving there. That alone is admirable, and he deserves credit for that just like any other American soldier. Whatever happened after that is yet to be determined with hard evidence.

    Just like Republican Richard M. Nixon, President Obama is one of the most powerful and independently operative presidents in American history. He is Commander-in-Chief, regardless of whether anyone thinks he should be or not. People who cross him get their asses nailed to the wall, and they know that. Can you say, “Stripped of rank, drummed out of the corps (i.e. fired), and all veteran’s benefits cancelled?” If Obama wants Bergdahl to walk—Bergdahl will walk—even if it is politically motivated—and he has the power to pardon him.

    Impeachment is not even a possibility because the U.S. Senate is still in Democrat hands. Even if the Republicans take control of it in November, there will still be enough Democrats under U.S. Senate rules to stop an impeachment trial. Moreover, the Republicans know for a fact that impeaching the first and only black man to be President of the United States would be a stain on their party that would never be lived down in American history books—especially given that past Republican president’s have done precisely the same kinds of things he did with the Bergdahl signing. So, not matter how much one might hate President Obama and see Bergdahl’s situation as a “release of a deserter” as a tool to get back at Obama, it is not going to work. Accusing an American soldier of being a deserter, just as a cynical tool to stab a sitting President in the back, rubs me the wrong way, and it will rub nearly every other citizen on the American streets the wrong way too.

    1. Tracy Brown, like it or not Bergdahl will face a military court if he faces any at all. You are correct, innocent until proven guilty and there are thousands who hope he does so the story comes out. However regardless of a trial or not, there are still those that were there and are not relating hearsay but are re-telling facts. Facts that they mostly kept to themselves until he was returned or no longer held live. So now that he has been handed back to us, they feel compelled to come out with what they know from the ground, from the truth, from their own observations. Why would you question their experience? Were you there? Do you know better? Because Bergdahl has not faced a trial yet, does that imply it never happened? Does it mean people are not free to describe what they saw, heard or were a part of?

      BTW, you should not assume you know what it was like, who looked after who’s back or anything else. Until you have been there, done that, and lived through it, you should really keep your uninformed opinions and pontification to yourself. You also seem to be a big fan of the President and that is fine, however that has nothing to do with this so your hang up there should really be on a topic that addresses whatever issue you think you have with people attacking the POTUS. It is sad that you cannot heed the words of the late great Dr. Marin Luther King in the fact that we should “not judge a man by the color of his skin, but rather by the content of his character”. It should not matter what race the POTUS is, if his decision and actions are impeachable under the Constitution, then that is what matters. Who gives a shit what color he is. Why would you even attempt to play that weak race card “don’t dare try to do anything to him, he is black”. That is more of a racist opinion then I have heard from anyone in a long time.

      Lastly, not sure what role or position you are in to speak for “nearly every other citizen on the American streets”, but I think you put too much importance in yourself to think you can speak on behalf of millions of people. People are allowed to be critical of the President or any other elected official. That is the rights we have as citizens that I and many others have fought to protect. I am sure by your words that you were probably critical of a President or two in your lifetime.

    2. too bad you are totally clueless about the UCMJ . . . you really don’t have a clue as how mil justice system works – if even half of what the reports say, if 5% of what the reports say is true, we had amateurs dealing with Haqqani and idiots handling the search – and you know what? It rings so true as to how the government and the senior CYA military operates . . . .

  7. Bouhammer, thanks for dissecting that playground level civics course above. That unnecessary drivel fits right in with the smoke screens coming from the WH and other currently prated venues.

  8. Bouhammer – thanks for posting this, and double thanks to Raven Wolf for coming forward. It agrees completely with the information being gleaned from other places and adds important details. Brad Thor was the first one I ran across who mentioned the Haggani network; he has good sources as well.

    Came here from Sean Linnane’s blog.

  9. Gentlemen. If you will go back and CAREFULLY review everything that Raven-Wolf says in the main post above, it is all hearsay. What the Afghan Colonel told him is hearsay. What other soldiers told him is hearsay. All he is doing is relating what OTHER PEOPLE TOLD HIM. In a word, “gossip.” That is all hearsay. He could never be a witness in courtroom with just that. If you want to send Bergdahl to Leavenworth, you are going to have to have a soldier that will sit on a witness stand in a military courtroom and testify:

    “Yes, at 5:00 p.m. on the day he disappeared, I was having a chat with Bergdahl, and he told me point black that he was fed up, loved Islam, and was going to make a break for home via the Taliban that night and would never be back again.”

    Yes, he may have been a stupid kid. Yes, he may have had some weird ideas. Yes, he may have been just plain nuts. Yes, maybe nobody liked him. However, none of that is going to get you a desertion or treason conviction. It is not against the law to be crazy and unpopular.

    I may not have ever been in the U.S. Army, but after reading the posts here, I sure as hell know why the army needs commissioned officers with college degrees to keep you NCOs in line.

    Y’all have a nice day. Like it or not, Bergdahl will walk away from all of this as a free man. Betcha!!!

    1. Says the guy who digs in the dirt in Tennessee. You drink way to much of your own kook-aid is for sure. It is also clear that you are ignorant to the capabilities of our soldiers as a large majority of our enlisted and NCOs have Undergraduate and higher degrees. You my venturing into an area you won’t want to walk into. Stick your head back in the dirt and keep taking it anyway the Govt wants to give it to you.

    2. “Yes, at 5:00 p.m. on the day he disappeared, I was having a chat with Bergdahl, and he told me point black that he was fed up, loved Islam, and was going to make a break for home via the Taliban that night and would never be back again.”

      I’m not sure what part of “he told me” isn’t hearsay. Doesn’t rise to the level of a deathbed confession. On the other hand, military courts are NOT the same as the civilian criminal justice system you appear to know so well.

      Since you are not in the military and never have been, by your own admission, let me clue you in on a few things. First, the rules of evidence in a military trial are not quite what you are used to in all of your civilian court experience, which is clearly massive. With all due respect to your intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system and all of its intricacies… when it suits the purpose of your personal opinion… in the military, it is not exactly, “innocent until proven guilty.” When you enlist in the military, you voluntarily suspend some of your civil rights.

      For instance, there are rules about participation in political campaigns and expressing your political thoughts. There are regulations that govern if and how much you can say about elected officials. Your touting of officers is a common misconception; but did you know that officers are forbidden by law from criticizing the President of the United States? So, if there is information contrary to the image that the White House wishes to portray, what officer are you looking to for the truth? Are you sure that you can trust what the officer corps is putting out as the official party line? NCO’s are not held to quite the same restrictions. Is it at all possible that you might get dissent from an NCO that an officer cannot purvey in the public eye?

      I’m just askin’, since you’re an expert on evidence and admissibility and the role, purpose and usefulness of the officer corps of the various militaries in which you have never served.

      Another question; is it possible, if the party line is designed to avoid controversy, that dissenting voices may carry more truth? Something you may wish to consider. However unlikely it appears that you are really interested in the actual truth instead of semantic bickering.

      Arguing about whether or not a conviction could be obtained is an exercise in futility. My advice to you is to stop acting as the arbiter of admissibility and listen to what those who were there have to say from their personal (inadmissible or not) experience. Each American must decide for themselves what they believe in this case, and that has nothing to do with legality. You have clearly already made up your mind and have shut your eyes and ears. For one who touts the value of education as somehow breeding wisdom, your demonstrated method of making your choice in this case certainly does not reflect that your education has reached that higher level. This causes me to be inclined to disregard your protestations as, well, inadmissible in the court of my mind.

      The witness is dismissed.

      1. When you relate the words of the defendant back to the defendant, that is not hearsay, as long as you are the person who was present when the defendant spoke. Hearsay is “Johnny told me Billy said x”. More precisely “Billy said x” is hearsay if I make the claim, but not if Johnny makes the claim. If Raven Wolf gets on the stand in Berghdal’s court martial, he may testify as to what Berghdal told him.

        And the Military Rules of Evidence are more defendant friendly than the Civil Rule of Evidence. just for your info.

  10. Homeschool has nothing to do with performance. It is easy to run down how enlistees were educated. Performance comes from the individual not the method of instruction.

  11. It is time to get the gang of community organizers out of the White House and put an experienced leader and staff into office who knows what they are doing. We don’t need to learn almost daily of continuous mistakes that the toddlers in the WH are destroying our freedom and economy.

  12. Your only “combat” experience sounds as if its the Call of Duty series. Anybody that has ever actually been in the military can point out your BS in the first paragraph of your story. I actually wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was written by a high schooler, or a burger flipper still living with his parents. Grow the fuck up.

  13. Good lord you have some writing talent…you could make a book on peanuts around the world and I’d read the hell out of it! Seriously though I saw your website on the comments on this story and you just got a new subscriber. Keep doing your thing! The truth must be heard. Semper fi!

  14. “Yes, at 5:00 p.m. on the day he disappeared, I was having a chat with Bergdahl, and he told me point black that he was fed up, loved Islam, and was going to make a break for home via the Taliban that night and would never be back again.”

    “I’m not sure what part of “he told me” isn’t hearsay. Doesn’t rise to the level of a deathbed confession. On the other hand, military courts are NOT the same as the civilian criminal justice system you appear to know so well.

    I’m just askin’, since you’re an expert on evidence and admissibility and the role, purpose and usefulness of the officer corps of the various militaries in which you have never served.

    The witness is dismissed.”

    Love little moments like this. It’s a statement of a party opponent; an exception to hearsay. Neither of you know probably know what you are talking about, but at least he turned out to be correct.

    Pass The Witness

  15. This appears to me to consist of a combination of hearsay, first person accounts and verifiable facts. Similar to most most situations in life.

    Bouhammer, thanks for posting. It is useful to see some perspectives that don’t generate from 1600 Penn Ave, K street or the MSM. I assume that you wouldn’t have posted if you didn’t have pretty good confirmation and bonafides on your sources.

    Reading the comments gave me a headache. I couldn’t always tell who was insulting whom. Except FedResBrown who was insulting intelligence, logic and common sense as well as pretty much every normal, sane human being.


    1. GoodGreg, you are correct. I would not have in any way posted this without verifying it and trusting it 100%. Like I said in the start of it, I knew about these facts within weeks, almost as it was happening. However out of respect and the concern for operational security I sat on most of this only mentioning the desertion after it came out in other open sources.

  16. It sounds to me like Lucy just picked up the football again and everyone is watching Linus doing a somersault in the air. Instead of watching the media carnival, maybe we should be looking around to see what the bad guys are quietly doing in the background, unnoticed. You might want to check your freedom to see if it’s still there.

  17. Makes you wonder why the hippie joined the military in the first place, hope he gets some good lovin in general population fkn traitor !

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