Guardian readers views on US foreign policy

Well I have decided that it is time for a change here at

The war in Afghanistan is winding down and before we know it there may be little to know troops left there. There are also troops still deployed all over the world and we are continuing to push them into different countries for a variety of reasons from saving innocent people to wanting to train local security forces to protect their own country.

In addition, our Country and its Foreign Policy or lack thereof continue to shape and mold how our citizens and our leaders view our place in the world and when or where our forces should go.

This blog focusing on the Afghanistan region almost exclusively has come to and end. I feel it is time for me to expand the scope to Military in general, Foreign Policy and even a little politics every once in a while. Afghanistan, my time there, and the legacy it will leave in our history will still be part of this blog, however it won’t be what I focus on all the time.

When I came back from Afghanistan, it was a decision point to decide if I would keep this blog going, then after 3-4 months of blogging about my reunification I had another decision point. Then about 6 months ago I started wondering again if I should keep it up and keep blogging. So here we are again, and again I have decided to keep it up but blog about more things than just the Ak-Pak region.

So with all of that, welcome to the new and re-focused Bouhammer’s Blog.