People need to be fired, NOW!

This is beyond sad, this is despicable. How are we supposed put trust into the leaders that the Administration have put in charge of the efforts in Afghanistan if they are not capable of answer simple questions to Congress that they, of anyone, should know.

How many American troops have been killed in Afghanistan this year?

None of the witnesses at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Afghanistan had an answer.

How much is the U.S. spending in Afghanistan? Mr. Rohrabacher asked.

No one could say.

“We’re supposed to believe that you fellas have a plan that’s going to end up in a positive way in Afghanistan?” Mr. Rohrabacher asked. “Holy cow!”

Mr. Rohrabacher’s incredulous questioning came during a two-hour hearing on U.S. policy in Afghanistan that revealed increasing congressional frustration with U.S. policy as the administration tries to rescue its plan to keep thousands of troops in Afghanistan through the end of this decade, if not beyond.

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D., Va.) called the witnesses’ inability to rattle off the facts “a stunning development.”

“How can you come to a congressional oversight hearing on this subject and not know” the answers? He asked. “Like that wouldn’t be a question the tip of one’s tongue.”

If they were leaders of a company, they would be fired.

If they were leaders of a military unit, they would be relieved of command.

If they were elected representatives, they would probably be voted out of office.

The administration needs to quit helping out its cronies or anyone it can find to fill positions, and start putting in qualified personnel into key positions. It is almost like they are on a co-ed D-league softball team and they look to the stands to find anyone they can to fill an outfield position.

The idea that U.S. officials didn’t have basic facts about the war in Afghanistan on the tips of their tongues seemed apt for a conflict that has fallen off the radar in Washington, where battles over the budget, President Barack Obama’s health care program and talks with Iran have eclipsed interest in America’s longest war as it winds to a close.

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  2. who needs to be fired,thats an eazy answer,all of our present leaders that is in the senate and congress all of our present representives of the american people, they have no idea ,of how the average american lives,works,and tries to make a liveing for his or her family,they are out of touch with reallity of how it is to live in america,their should be term limites for those who is in charge of running this country, not a life time job,once you hold public office and your term is up you can never hold that office again,we should get the military draft back, so when we go to war, all of the people in the country will pay attention to whats going on ,now no one cares about the wars we fight, because its an all volumtary army.

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