Someone’s priorities are all messed up, I hope

I travel all the time, so I was glad when Congress stepped in to force the FAA to stop the furloughs of Air Traffic Controllers. However when see this, I would rather be delayed on my flights then allow something like this to happen. I would gladly sit on a runway then have our wounded warriors have even the slightest drop in their care or delay of attention given to them.

ABC7 has confirmed the region’s two military hospitals are furloughing more than 3,500 civilian employees who care for the nation’s wounded warriors, nearly their entire civilian staffs.


I am disgusted to see this and convinced of one of two things. Either someone’s priorities are so screwed up they should not hold a public service job of any type, or someone in the Government is wanting to play on America’s heart-stings and using our wounded warriors as pawn’s in the big game of Sequestration.

I only imply the latter because of all the hype that came out of the administration prior to the sequestration when it was all doom and mayhem if Congress did not get it resolved. Remember the prisons would have to release prisoners, the borders would be left unprotected (this happened on purpose in Arizona ironically), our troops would be left without the gear and training they need and of course the old warning that flights delays will happen and flight safety would be at risk. And we see what happened with the last one.

I pray and hope it is because of mis-aligned priorities (i.e. someone’s head is up their fourth point of contact) and not the other reason.
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  1. I totally agree.. I’m kind of in a whirlwind right now. I have friend that keeps telling me he has 17 confirmed kills women children the whole bit. How could I verify if he has been in the military?

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