Guest Blogger, Mike T: Behind Enemy Lines

            I stepped out of my truck and thought to myself while standing under the rising sun, is this America?  Is this what we all fought for and what many died for?  I asked myself these questions as I am behind what feels like enemy lines, geographically speaking in the Northeast.  My wife and I have been mulling leave our state because of such observations.  We watch every day as more and more people become entitled and ignorant. We watch as our fellow citizens trample over each other to gain a single step in the power grab.  We watch as people loosen their understanding of morals and values.  We learn about how people fail to pay their mortgages but take lavish vacations or continue to charge their lives away just to keep up with the Jones’s.  I just don’t get this attitude in our country or even maybe just our section of the country.  I feel stranded or even more so, left out.  What is everyone trying to achieve?

            We awake as citizens to new political scandals, thievery, and senseless acts of violence which are usually unprovoked.  Every day our civil liberties are trampled for the “greater good” which is completely false.  In a round-about way, I am labeled a racist or homophobe. I am labeled as unstable because of injuries occurred. My family is considered on the outside of society here because of our political and moral views.  Why is it ok to believe in whatever they want? Yet when I speak about my beliefs I am thrown aside and even labeled as evil? It perplexes me because of what I have sacrificed for this country.  What my family continues to sacrifice as we serve our nation.  There seems to be this sense of non-accountability and quest for a utopian society where only the elitist elements rights and beliefs are only acceptable.  I live in a state that is archaic with their laws concerning the Constitution; yet they reward illegal behavior by justifying it and saying it is society’s fault that this happened and not the culprits.

            Where does society go from here as it seems our moral compass is spinning out of control?  I feel abandoned by my community, an outsider looking in even though the 99% has done next to nothing to better itself.  I feel lost upon the world when I speak to my wife and simply state that I have no answers.  I hate the fact that I despise our society and what it stands for.  If you were to look at me you would not believe I have faith (in my own way) or that I do believe in abortion rights when it comes to a rape victim or incest. I also believe in small government and entitlement reform.  I am raising our son to believe that he must earn his way and life will not always be fair, most likely it will be down-right cruel.  We are raising him to understand that he will need strong morals and convictions in order to get through the difficult times, but have an open heart that is willing to forgive and to love.  He will need to understand that there are so many out there will take him at first glance simply because he is white. Yes I just said that.  In today’s world it is about an onslaught of racial labeling, gun waving conservative nutcases who hate anything that is not white, straight and religious.

            Sadly, our world is dictated by what is on the idiot box (television) and not by researching, reading, discussion and actual facts and not ideology.  I grow tired of this world and where it is going. The simple hello’s and thank you seem to fade more and more every day. The more politicians and less statesmen fuel this fire but abdicating for more entitlements, sense of due and decisive polarization from both sides.  When people say thank you to me for my service, if they actually even find out I served I tell them going to war is easy compared to a lifetime of service. They never respond.  I always ask my wife…how did the country get to this point?


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